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Cosmetic Acupuncture Benefits

One of the most effective anti-aging treatments that involves acupuncture techniques is cosmetic acupuncture. It involves sticking needles at specific points on the face to reduce signs of aging like wrinkles and enhances the beauty and therefore preserves youthful appearance. This is regarded as an alternative face-lift treatment and there are many

cosmetic acupuncture benefits.

Cosmetic acupuncture is carried out in the same way as acupuncture is carried out for certain health conditions. The main goal behind this is to make collagen under the skin so that the plump skin and wrinkles are filled up. Cosmetic acupuncture aims to balance the energy of the whole body system and develops a sense of well-being. The following are some of the

cosmetic acupuncture benefits.

  • Rehydrates the skin’s external layers –

    Cosmetic acupuncture stimulates the secretion of sebaceous glands and sweat which therefore supports in regenerating the skin cells.

  • Promotes blood and lymph circulation –

    The increased circulation dilates peripheral blood vessels , helping in better distribution of oxygen and nutrients. It therefore helps in regeneration of new cells.

  • Allows healthy breathing of the skin –

    Improves the skin’s ability to protect itself and ward off clogged pores and infections.

  • Helps exfoliation –

    This therefore aids in new skin cells proliferation, increases nutrition to the skin’s surface, improving skin’s quality and promoting a healthy glow.

  • Stimulates elastin and collagen proteins production –

    Elastin and collagen proteins are enhanced in the skin which therefore helps in reducing and softening the wrinkles.

  • Improves oxygen consumption to the external skin layers –

    Speeds up the release of nitrogen and carbondioxide, helping the skin to rejuvenate and reduces accumulation of grease on skin’s surface.

  • Relaxes and reduces tension in the muscles and nerves –

    Thus, improves the skin cells integrity and results in overall improved and rejuvenated facial appearance.

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