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Mindfulness Exercises

Mindfulness is awareness of the right present moment. It is a feeling of living at present and it frees you from all the entangles of various thoughts in mind and removes all the worries. It can be achieved by practicing

mindfulness exercises.

But how can you keep your mind alert always, when many thoughts keep on pricking your mind often?

Mindfulness exercises

can help you be attentive and alert in the particular moment. These exercises are considered to be chief in practicing mindfulness.

Here are a few

mindfulness exercises

mentioned that can help you to cope up with all the stress and anxiety. They also provide many benefits for those suffering from psychological disorders.

Mindfulness skills

To say in brief, mindfulness is to be completely in the present moment and open to all acquaintances in the way. It includes many skills like awareness, non-evaluative/non-judmental awareness, beginner’s mind and being at the present moment. All these skills need practice and can be learnt as you go through the following article.

Breathing awareness

The best way to start creating awareness of the present moment is to focus on each and every breath you take. This is a very basic exercise that helps you to learn how to be mindful in each and every moment of life.

Being mindful of sounds

This is an excellent mindfulness exercise for being in the present environment. The mindfulness skill of non-evaluative observation can be improved by practicing mindfulness of sounds. Being at the present moment environment is the best simple exercise to improve the non-judgmental observation of sounds.

Eating mindfully

The present life of an individual has become so busy and stressful that one cannot even find time to enjoy and notice present period experiences. One of the good ways in keeping touch with the present is to eat mindfully. Eating quickly without even paying attention to what you are eating loses the ample experience of eating. This exercise helps to promote rich experience while eating.

Sitting meditation

This mindfulness exercise helps you to learn about bringing the acceptance of your feelings and thoughts. This is an excellent way to practice mindfulness. By meditating while sitting, you can become aware of your internal experiences.

Mindfulness of thoughts

This is also one of the wonderful mindfulness exercises to cope up with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a type of anxiety disorder. People suffering from PTSD face difficulties with unpleasant memories and thoughts and these can take control over their life. Mindfulness of thoughts exercise helps you to take a step back from the unpleasant thoughts and thus lessen the serious impact on life.

Beginner’s mind

This mindfulness exercise helps you to be open to every new possibility. It is a skill where in you need to look or observe at things as they are i.e truly with no negative thought. This exercise helps to promote beginner’s mind in a person.

Mindfulness of emotions

If you struggle with unpleasant and intense emotions, then you need to practice mindfulness of emotions. This is a very beneficial mindfulness exercise.

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