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Aromatherapy For Spring Allergies

Spring allergies are nothing but the seasonal allergies and they are called so as they mostly prevail during spring season.

Aromatherapy for spring allergies

is the best alternative to get rid of its symptoms like sneezing, coughing and headaches. We look forward to the spring season which brings blooms of flowers and trees after a long winter season. But spring also carries side effects for people who are allergic.

Aromatherapy for spring allergies

eases all the symptoms and provides a good relief from congested sinuses, itchy eyes, runny noses and pounding headaches.

How to use aromatherapy for spring allergies?

Aromatherapy For Spring Allergies
Aromatherapy is used in many ways for treating the symptoms of spring allergies. The most effective ways include:

  • Inhalation – Add a few drops in a diffuser or tissue and inhale the aroma. Also add a few drops in bathing water and take a bath.
  • Massage using essential oils is also a very effective method of aromatherapy. Blend the oils with a carrier lotion and apply to the skin.

What essential oils can be used in aromatherapy for spring allergies?

There are many essential oils that help in treating the allergic symptoms. Essential oils which are immunostimulant, anti-viral, expectorant, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal are used depending on the spring allergic symptoms. Also oils that are relaxing, calming and restorative are effective.
The suitable essential oils include:

  • Peppermint –

    This is effective in relieving headaches, fighting infections and eases breathing difficulties. It also heals muscular pains.

  • Tea tree and Eucalyptus –

    These oils are effective in fighting symptoms like respiratory difficulties, headaches, congestion and infections.

  • Lavender –

    This essential oil helps to build immunity, clear catarrh (excess mucus build up), eases muscle pain and relieves headaches.

  • Lemon –

    This oil helps relieve respiratory complaints and protects immunity.

  • Cypress –

    This helps to suppress cough and relieves breathing difficulties.

  • Roman Chamomile –

    This essential oil eases inflammation, clears headaches and provides relaxation.

Before using any of these essential oils in aromatherapy for spring allergies, seek your physician’s advice.

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