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Pressure Points For Headaches

Headaches are really frustrating conditions, but they should not be a matter of concern at all. Unless and until the headaches are severe and frequent, you cannot take any measures to control and prevent them. There are certain natural remedies to treat headaches, but applying pressure on

pressure points for headaches

is the most effective alternative remedy.

To apply pressure on the

pressure points for headaches

, you need to involve 2 fingers. Pressure has to be applied to an extent where one can bear, but it should not be painful. Mentioned here are the various pressure points for headaches.
Pressure Points For Headaches

GB20 –

This is the accurate pressure point if you have the pain in temporal regions and sides of the head. To locate the point, find the depression in the back of the head, i.e at the skull base. Through this depression, drag your fingers from middle point of the back of the neck to the starting large muscle that you can sense. The remaining fingers have to slide in the depression. Put a slight pressure until you get a tender point and then start massaging in a circular motion.
Pressure Points For Headaches

Point CO4 –

This particular point is located in between the thumb and first finger of your hand’s webbing. You can find a tender spot when you put your thumb on the top of your hand and your first finger on the side of the palm. Press this spot and massage in circular motions.
Pressure Points For Headaches

Point LV3 –

This pressure point for headache is located on the top of the foot in between the big and first toes. Locate a depression present in between the soft spot and bones. Place the finger and massage in circular motions.

These are a few pressure points for headaches. They are very effective for healing headaches. But in pregnancy and any other medical conditions, you should seek you physician to avoid any contradictions.

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