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Heavenly Spa Therapies

Spa therapies are the best natural methods which soothe, revitalize and rejuvenate the body, mind and soul. There are various old and new

heavenly spa therapies

and each therapy differs in its treatment. The following article mentions the most beneficial

heavenly spa therapies



  • This therapy got its name from a Greek word “thalassos” which means “sea”. In this method, sea water is used to treat the disease condition.
  • Seawater contains trace elements like potassium, magnesium, sodium and calcium sulphates which get absorbed by the skin and provide medicinal benefits to the body.
  • The key ingredients of this treatment are seawater, algae, seaweed, sand and mud. This therapy is performed along the sea coast so that the seawater will not lose its healing properties. Therefore it is better to have spa therapy at the sea coast to enjoy the wonderful benefits of Thallasotherapy.
  • Over hundreds of years ago, the health benefits of seawater have been proved. Thallasotherapy uses underwater showers, mud baths, aromatherapy, hydro massage and algae, mud and seaweed wraps to clear, revitalize and improve the blood circulation. These different forms are used based on the degree of the disease condition and patient’s disposition.
  • Thallasotherapy is very effective in treating the conditions like arteriosclerosis, hypertension, bronchitis, asthma, rheumatic arthritis, muscle atrophy, cellulite reduction, weight loss, back problems, post-natal toning, sleeping disorders, depression and water retention.

Thallasotherapy Types

There are various types of thallasotherapy spa techniques. They include:

  • Ionization

    – The seawater is ionized with negative ions which is sprayed or inhaled. This is a very beneficial treatment for treating upper respiratory tract problems.

  • Balneotherapy

    – This is a underwater massage therapy where jets of water are used. Here algae, mud or seaweed wraps that use seawater are used. This shows a great effect on improving blood circulation.

  • Hydro massage

    – This massage is performed inside the pool or tub of water.

  • Vinotherapy

    – This is a combination of Thermal spring water and indigo elements with grape and wine extracts mixed with algae, mud or seaweed wraps. This treatment strengthens the blood vessels and improves blood circulation.


This is also a very ancient treatment technique used to treat injuries, pains and diseases. In this spa therapy, pressure plays a prominent role which is kept on the target region with the help of hands or feet. This method provides relaxation and improves circulation. This is very effective for stress and pain management.

Types of Massages

Massages are also of many types. They include:

  • Barefoot Deep Tissue

    – This massage method is a merge of Eastern barefoot techniques with Western manual medicine. Here no oils are used and only pressure is applied.

  • Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage

    – This massage therapy is done by 2 masseuses who work in tandem using a heated blend of certain specific herbal oils.

  • Sole Or Foot Massage

    – This was earlier practiced by the Chinese who used to believe that each spot on the foot corresponds to a certain organ present inside the body. The illnesses are healed when the aching spots on the foot are massaged.

  • Deep Tissue Massage

    – This type of massage is usually done for more focused massaging.

  • Neuromuscular Therapy

    – This is used for obtaining relief from pain. This therapy helps in reducing tension, pain, lengthens and strengthens tissues and postural imbalance.

  • Hot Stone Massage

    – This massage is performed using stones. The stones on rubbing produce heat which is good for reducing stress. The hardness of the stones allows to treat illnesses.


heavenly spa therapies

are the best methods that rejuvenate, revitalize and soothe the body, the mind and the soul. Be it any illness, you better get treated with these therapies for most effective results and complete healing.

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