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Benefits of Rose Water

Rose is considered to be a symbol of beauty and love. It has been used for ages in many beauty products to enhance beauty and is a common skin care remedy. There are amazing

benefits of rose water

which everyone might be aware of. Rose water is water which has been induced with rose i.e the petals soaked in water for longer time provide magical health benefits.


benefits of rose water

are due to its soothing, antibacterial, antiseptic and healing properties. It has got high amounts of flavonoids and vitamins A, C, D, E and B3. To know its amazing benefits, read the following article.

  • Hair

    Rose water when applied on the scalp improves blood circulation and therefore helps in promoting hair growth. It revitalizes the hair and works as a good hair conditioner. It is also effective in eliminating dandruff and reducing inflammations. It reduces dryness of hair and scalp and therefore boosts up the health of the hair.

  • Skin

    Rose water is very beneficial for the skin. On regular usage on skin, it cleans the skin and protects it from fungal and bacterial infections. It acts as a toner and a very good coolant for sensitive skin. It balances the oil content in the skin and treats various skin ailments. It also heals sunburns and skin wounds very effectively.

  • Teeth

    Teeth problems can also be effectively treated using rose water. It gives instant relief when used for gum inflammation. It provides strength to the teeth and even provides relief from gum pains on regular use. It also eliminates the bad odor from the mouth.

  • Eyes

    Rose water provides a soothing effect when applied on fatigued eyes. It acts a best remedy for people who work on computers for longer time periods. On applying to the eyes, it gives immediate relief.

  • Stress

    Rose water has got excellent relaxing properties. It helps in giving relief from stress and depression by enhancing the mood. Add a few drops of rose water to bath water and bathe for a relaxing mind and body.

  • Headaches

    Rose water on applying on the head gives relief from headaches. Applying cold compress of rose water for a period of 45 minutes is effective.

  • Inflammation

    Rose water is beneficial for treating inflamed glands. Soak a cotton ball in rose water and apply on the inflamed area for relief.

These are the

benefits of rose water

which are very effective in treating various health conditions.

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