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Health Benefits of Celeriac

Celeriac is another name for celery root, which is a winter root vegetable that originated in Northern Europe and the Mediterranean. The amazing

health benefits of celeriac

are contributed by its rich nutritional density. The celery root can be edible when the root is firm and turns light brown in color. It is a wonderful vegetable for consumption as it is low in calorie content. A half a cup of celeriac provides less than 20 calories and provides about 5 mg of vitamin C, 1 mg of iron and 500 mg of potassium.

Listed below are a few

health benefits of celeriac:

    Health Benefits of Celeriac

  • Celeriac is a very effective diuretic. The sodium content in celeriac helps in eliminating the excess acids and water from the body. Therefore, it reduces stiffness and loosens the muscular skeletal system.
  • It also helps in enhancing digestion by its rich fiber content. The celeriac juice is a good appetizer. The fiber even helps in regulating the bowel movements and therefore prevents constipation problems.
  • Celeriac also contains a very good amount of vitamin C and therefore acts as an antioxidant. It thereby stops the toxins present in the body from extracting the oxygen in the cells i.e stops cells from oxidizing.
  • The vitamin C present in celeriac helps in certain body functions like flow of blood in vessels and brain function.
  • Celeriac juice is very beneficial for people suffering from high acidity which results in calcification and degeneration of bones and joints.
  • The high amounts of fiber in celeriac is effective for lowering blood cholesterol levels.
  • It also benefits people suffering from insomnia and nervous disorders. The juice on consumption revitalizes the brain, enhances memory and prevents dizziness.
  • Celeriac is also a very good source of folate, vitamin K, vitamin B6, manganese and magnesium.

Introducing celeriac into your daily diet enhances your health as the

health benefits of celeriac

are enormous.

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