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Banana Peels For Warts

Warts are usually the benign tumors of the epidermal skin caused by virus. Having them on the face, hands and feet is really embarrassing and they are even painful.

Banana peel for warts

is the most gentle and inexpensive remedy to remove them. Though there are many conventional treatments, they are not as effective as natural remedies and moreover make the warts look more uglier. To know this most effective remedy,

banana peels for warts

, read the following article.

Why is Banana such as effective remedy for Warts?

Warts occur as a result of potassium deficiency in the body system. But, intake of potassium rich foods to clear away the warts does not really work. Banana is effective in treating these warts as it is rich in potassium content. Let’s know how to use banana peel for warts.
Banana Peels For Warts

  • Remove one banana peel and see to it that you always use the fresh banana peel for treating warts.
  • Cut a section of the peel and it should be large enough to cover the wart. Store the remaining in the fridge to keep it fresh.
  • Wash the area affected with warts using soap and warm water. Pour some warm water on the wart until it becomes soft.
  • Now put the inner side of the banana peel (fibrous and damp part) against the wart using an adhesive bandage. Leave the peel for about 8 hours on the wart.
  • Then wash the treated area with soap and warm water.
  • Replace the banana peel with a fresh one twice a day. Continue to use banana peel until the wart shrinks and falls off causing no pain.
  • Warts nearly take 3 days to 14 days for complete healing. They disappear after this period.

The antifungal and antibiotic properties make

banana peels for warts

very effective. Banana peel is even loaded with many minerals and nutrients other than fiber.

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