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Health Benefits of Lime

Lime is the most widely used citrus fruit which originated in Southeast Asia. It was later introduced into India, Persia and Europe and many more tropical countries. The following article gives the description and the

health benefits of lime

fruit. Lime is a tiny fruit similar to orange but tastes sour. The juice extracted from it is the best thirst quencher. The

health benefits of lime

are many due to its wonderful nutritional values.
Health Benefits of Lime

Listed below are the health benefits of lime:

  • Lime contains more amounts of vitamin C than lemon. Lime juice added with little honey is the best remedy for dry cough and cold.
  • The rich vitamin C improves the body’s resistance power to diseases, heals wounds and also improves eye vision.
  • The pectin present in lime pulp is effective for lowering cholesterol levels in the blood.
  • The rind of the fruit has got medicinal properties. The volatile oil in the rind is used in medicines for removing the wind and improving digestion.
  • The vitamin C present in lime also helps in maintaining good health of the teeth and bones. It prevents the teeth from loosening and decay, toothache, dental caries, gums bleeding and bone fragility.
  • Lime juice in a glass of warm water on regular consumption in the morning helps in treating constipation problems.
  • Lime is also effective in treating various digestive disorders.
  • The citric acid content in the lime helps in relieving the peptic ulcer formation.
  • Lime juice made diluted with warm water is effective for treating cystitis. It provides relief to the burning sensation and also prevents bleeding that occurs as a result of cystitis.
  • Lime contains a phytochemical compound called limonene which has antibiotic properties and therefore helps in protecting against bacterial poisoning.
  • Lime peels on rubbing to the scaly or dry skin helps in restoring the softness and adds moisture to the skin.

These are the amazing

health benefits of lime

. Grab more and more lime fruits for enjoying their benefits.

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