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Noni Juice – A Wonderful Treatment For Cancer

Noni juice is well known to contain cancer combating nutrients. It has the ability to arrest the cancerous cells growth like damnacanthal, anthraquinone and selenium. Therefore

Noni juice is considered to be the wonderful treatment for cancer.

It activates the leukocytes therefore enlarging the cell membranes to absorb maximum nutrients.


Noni juice – a wonderful treatment for cancer

? Yes, it is. Here is the evidence that can make you aware of its benefits for treating cancer.
Noni Juice - A Wonderful Treatment For Cancer

The evidence behind Noni juice in treating cancer

The American Society of Cancer affirmed that Noni fruit consists of xeronine and proxeronine ingredients. But, researchers were not able to find out the xeronine effects on cells and their functions. Recently, the research made on animals revealed about the ingredients of Noni fruit.

Mice were used as the subjects to study the effect on Noni juice on cancers. Mice affected with tumors were taken and they were injected with specially prepared Noni juice injections.

It was observed that the treated mice survived 120% longer than the untreated mice.

Some other group of researchers explained about damnacanthal, a compound present in the Noni plant root. It arrests the chain reactions series that usually turns normal cells into cancerous cells. It has the ability to bring back the cells into their actual shape and structure.


Noni juice is a wonderful treatment for cancer.

It holds an important part and there are still some more properties and complications that are to be explored. It has been an integral part of ancient Chinese medicine and is known to have even anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties. The health benefits of Noni juice are many.

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