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Natural Summer Remedies For Hair

Summer is a very hard time for the hair as it gets dehydrated, frizzy and dry due to the sun’s radiations and dry wind. In the following article, you will come to know some

natural summer remedies for hair.

These natural cures help in improving the appearance of hair by making it look shiny, fabulous and thick.

Natural summer remedies for hair

include perfect diet and homemade masks for hair. They are as follows:
Natural Summer Remedies For Hair

Diet for Hair

  • The main constituent of hair is protein and therefore you should take diet rich in proteins that include dairy products, fish and meat.
  • Reduce the intake of carbohydrates in the diet. It helps In improving scalp disorders such as dandruff and seborrhea.
  • Take moderate amounts of coconut oil and organic butter in the daily diet. It makes the hair moisturized and lubricated.

Natural Hair Beauty Masks

These masks can be made at home using simple herbs that are easily available, some oils and certain natural ingredients. These all natural components rejuvenate, strengthen and nourish the hair. Apply freshly made masks, weekly once on the scalp. Leave for 30 minutes and wash the hair with warm chamomile water and a mild shampoo.

  • Ayurvedic mask –

    Mix equal amounts of olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice. This provides instant shine to the hair and improves dry hair.

  • Russian mask –

    Beat buttermilk or yogurt and apply as a hair mask. This prevents the dandruff, gives strength to the roots and provides shine and softness to the hair.

  • Mediterranean mask –

    Mix well egg yolks with honey. This gives conditioning effect, stimulates the roots and also soothes the scalp.

  • Cleopatra’s mask –

    This is made of red mud or white clay. This is very beneficial for dull and weak hair.

  • Philippine mask –

    Mix pure coconut oil and palm wine. This is very effective for split hair.

The above

natural summer remedies for hair

make the hair look extremely brilliant and soft even during the driest summer season.

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