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Summer Lip Care Tips

Beautiful lips reflect your beauty. They are the important parts which add a lot to the beauty. Protecting lips especially in summer is very much needed as they get exposed to harmful UV rays. The following article gives a few

summer lip care tips

that are effective in making the lips soft and healthy. These tips help in treating the irritation, over bleeding and flakiness caused by over exposure to the sun shine.

Listed below are the

summer lip care tips:

    Summer Lip Care Tips

  • Rose petals –

    Take ½ cup of rose petals and add milk. Make a paste of the mixture and apply to the lips regularly. The natural compounds present in the mixture help in making the lips smooth.

  • Butter and Turmeric –

    Make a paste of butter and turmeric. Apply this paste on the lips regularly and you can observe an effective change in the lips.

  • Saffron kesar and Curd –

    Lips become dark by the heat in summer. To make them normal, make a paste of saffron kesar and curd and apply it to the lips. Use it twice to thrice a day for getting good lip color.

  • Almond and Coconut oil –

    Mix equal quantities of almond and coconut oil and apply the mixture to the dried lips. Lips appear moist for longer time and are protected from the sun shine.

  • Tooth brush –

    Make sure you brush even your lips once in a week. In this way, the dead cells present on the lips are removed.

These are some of the

summer lip care tips.

Use them for making your dried out dark lips look shiny and smooth.

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