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Health Benefits of Dandelion Root

Dandelion is a traditional herbal remedy that originated in Europe. Though it is a weed, the

health benefits of dandelion root

are numerous. The leaves of dandelion were used in salads, and are considered to be healthy foods due to their rich vitamin and mineral content. The immense

health benefits of dandelion root

serve as natural cures for many health conditions.

Listed below are the

dandelion root health benefits:

    Health Benefits of Dandelion Root

  • Liver Detoxification –

    The rich vitamins, namely vitamins A, B complex, C and D present in dandelion root aid in liver detoxification. It has the ability to stimulate bile production in the liver which helps in eliminating the dangerous toxins. It also prevents gall stones formation.

  • Stimulates the Appetite –

    Dandelion root is an effective appetite stimulant. Consuming tea made from dandelion root helps in reviving the appetite. Tea should be from the roasted root.

  • Natural Diuretic and Laxative –

    The rich amounts of potassium present in dandelion root improve urine flow. It also cures infections related to urinary tract and controls blood pressure. It is a very good natural cure for water retention and bloating and also aids healthy functioning of digestive system.

  • Controls Blood Sugar and Cholesterol –

    Research studies revealed that dandelion root helps in regulating the blood sugar levels and therefore controls diabetes. It also keeps a check on cholesterol levels and keeps it in control.

  • Anti-Inflammatory –

    The anti-inflammatory nature of dandelion root helps in treating rheumatoid arthritis, as per the research studies carried out in animals. There is no evidence about its anti-inflammatory benefits in humans. But as it provides many benefits in human beings, there is possibility of anti-inflammatory effect in humans too.

  • Cures Skin Conditions –

    Regular consumption of roasted root tea helps in clearing the skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and acne. The toxins that cause these skin conditions are eliminated by the effect of dandelion root.

  • Prevents Cancers –

    Dandelion root has the ability to fight cancerous cell development of skin and breast cancers. But they cannot be the definite solutions for cancer prevention.

  • Alleviates Depression –

    Dandelion root helps in alleviating the conditions like depression and fatigue which are caused from stress. It is a very good natural remedy for women suffering from PMS.

These are the

health benefits of dandelion root.

Incorporate this in your regular diet for overall health and fitness.

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