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Natural Cures For Wrinkled Skin

Wrinkles start appearing along with age. For some, wrinkles appear at a tender young age itself. If you seem to be experiencing wrinkles, then here are the

natural cures for wrinkled skin

that are very beneficial. Wrinkled skin can appear due to many reasons that include genetic inheritance, endocrine disorders, makeup abuse, influence of environmental agents, metabolic disorders, depressive moods, over-exposure to sun, alcoholic beverages, excess tobacco intake and many more. Whatever may be the cause for wrinkles, these

natural cures for wrinkled skin

work effectively.

Listed below are the

natural cures for wrinkled skin:

  • Corn Flowers –

    Prepare an infusion using one teaspoon of dried corn flowers and 100 ml of water. Boil for 15 – 20 minutes and then keep it covered for sometime. Stain the liquid and pad it on the wrinkled skin. Also you can make an infusion with 2 teaspoons of dried flowers and 200 ml of water. Boil for 20 minutes and cover the liquid for sometime. Filter and then apply compresses of this solution on the wrinkles.

  • Cucumber –

    Applying fresh cucumber juice on the wrinkled skin with cotton pads is also effective. You can also apply cataplasms of fresh cucumber slices on the wrinkled skin.

  • Wild Strawberry –

    Applying cataplasms made of wild strawberry is effective. It can be prepared by crushing the fruit and spreading it on the skin as a cream. Apply it before bedtime and rinse your skin the following morning using chervil water (prepared by crushing the chervil plant and putting it in cold water for about two hours).

  • Quinces –

    Tincture made from quince peel is the best natural cure for wrinkled skin. To make it, peel off the quinces and chop these peels very finely. Now put them in alcoholic solution, cover them properly and leave for nearly 15 days. Mix the mixture well and filter. Use this filtered tincture to anoint the wrinkled skin regularly. It reduces the wrinkle formation and also erases the existed wrinkles.

  • Poppies –

    Take a fistful of poppy petals and add them to a glass of hot water. Leave the solution as such for about 30 minutes and stain the liquid. Using this solution, wash your face every morning and evening. This is very beneficial in preventing wrinkle formation.

  • Almonds –

    You can prepare almond milk using hulled almonds – 15 g, spermaceti – 50 g, finely scraped beauty soap and wax, barley water – 15 g, orange water – 50 g, alcohol (90 degrees) – 50 g, distilled water – 700 g and rose or lavender oil – 1g. Crush the almonds, melt the spermaceti, soap and wax in a water bath and add these melted ingredients to crushed almonds and mix well the mixture. To this, add alcohol and lavender or rose oil in a drop wise manner by mixing all the time. Now filter the mixture and use the filtered extract as a good remedy for wrinkled skin.

  • Carrots –

    Apply cataplasms of finely chopped carrot as this is very effective. You can also apply freshly prepared carrot juice on the wrinkled skin with cotton pads. Allow the skin to dry and again repeat the procedure with a gap of half an hour. This tones and refreshes the skin, therefore preventing wrinkle formation.

  • Marsh Mallow –

    Prepare a decoction using 3 tablespoons of dried marsh mallow root in 250 ml of water. Boil for about 10 minutes and then allow the solution to cool. Stain the liquid and mix a teaspoon of honey to it. Apply it on the wrinkled face as it moisturizes the skin and also prevents the wrinkle formation.

  • Barley –

    You can make tonic water with barley and rain water. Take about 100 g of barley beans and 50 g of pearl barley in one liter of rain water. Boil the mixture and then stain the liquid. Use this solution to clean the face. It effectively fights wrinkles.

  • Parsley –

    Applying fresh juice made from root or leaves of parsley on the wrinkled skin is effective. You can use this regularly for about 2 – 3 times a day, for 2 – 3 weeks.

  • Oranges –

    Apply cataplasms of fresh orange slices on the wrinkled skin. This not only helps in preventing wrinkles, but also maintains the health of the skin.

These are the most effective

natural cures for wrinkled skin

. This plant treatment is the good way to diminish the existing wrinkles and delay the emergence of wrinkles as well.

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