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Rose Oil For Skin

Rose is a beautiful flower with sweet and exquisite fragrance. Rose oil is extracted from the petals by a process called steam distillation. In earlier days, rose oil was only used in perfumes. But, today

rose oil for skin

care is also gaining popularity due to its amazing health and cosmetic benefits. The following article gives the benefits of

rose oil for skin

. Read on to know them.
Rose Oil For Skin
Rose oil has got many biologically active components which offer amazing effects on the skin ailments. The benefits of

rose oil for skin


  • Rose oil provides excellent soothing effect on chapped and dry skin. On applying to the dry skin, it offers nourishment and helps in retaining moisture.
  • It fights against wrinkled skin and even other signs of aging. This is because rose oil has the property of contracting the facial muscles, which helps in lifting up the sagging skin.
  • It is equally effective for oily skin and therefore used as a skin toner. The astringent nature of rose oil effectively tightens the open and large pores of the skin and can control the greasiness produced on the skin.
  • It provides soothing effect on sensitive skin affected by sun’s radiations. It cools the burning sensation of the skin and cures the skin damage.
  • Rose oil has got antibacterial properties which help in curing skin infections. This oil is also effective for curing acne.
  • It can also be used for treating cuts and wounds on the surface of the skin. It first contracts the blood vessels in the wounded area and stops bleeding. The antiseptic nature of rose oil protects from any infections.
  • The ugly marks formed on the skin by boils, acne and any other skin infections can be easily faded away on applying rose oil. Regular application restores the skin color.
  • It is safe to use on eczema affected skin as well. It controls and reduces the irritation and inflammation.
  • It can also be applied on surgery marks, stretch marks and cracks as it repairs and reduces the skin damage.
  • Rose oil is popularly used for massaging the body in aromatherapy. It works as an effective antidepressant and soothes nervous tension.

Rose Oil For Skin – How to Use it?

There are various ways of using rose oil for skin. All these ways help in improving the skin condition.

  • Add a few drops of rose oil to skin creams or homemade facial masks which you use regularly.
  • For wrinkles, mix 10-12 drops of rose oil with olive or almond oil. Apply this mixture on the face to drive away the wrinkles.
  • To use as a skin toner, add a few drops in cold water and rinse the face with this water. This very effectively tones the skin.
  • For treating stretch marks, prepare a mixture of 3 – 4 drops of rose oil, 5 ml of wheat germ oil and 20 ml of almond oil. Massage the stretched skin area using this oil mixture to get rid of stretch marks.
  • For massaging the body, mix the rose oil with other aromatherapy oils and use.
  • For treating skin affected by sun’s radiations, prepare a mixture of 3 drops rose oil, a few drops of chamomile oil, lavender oil and 20 ml of jojoba oil. Use this oil regularly.

This is all about the benefits of

rose oil for skin

and how to use it for treating various skin conditions. Hope you might be planning now to include rose oil for your skin care. But, the only drawback is the oil is very expensive since hundreds of petals can only produce a single drop of rose oil.

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