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How To Lighten Hair Naturally

Are you thinking of highlighting your dark hair or having any hair coloring ideas? Do you wish to achieve light hair color without using chemicals? Then, this is the right article that tells you

how to lighten your hair naturally.

These natural ways are safer and moreover carry no side effects.

Let us find out

how to lighten hair naturally

. Here are the ways that can help you lighten your natural dark hair.

  • Sunshine –

    Sunlight is the most natural way that bleaches your hair to a lighter shade. For this, you need to lie down in the sunlight by covering your body properly to avoid sunburns. Only the hair should be exposed. By spending enough time in the sunlight, your hair becomes as light as you want.

  • Tea –

    Steep your household tea for sometime and allow it to cool. Now, apply this mixture to the hair evenly and leave for sometime. This may not give immediate results and can even make hair appear ugly. So, you need to do a sample test before applying to the entire hair. Apply it to some hair at the back of your neck and observe. If the color is fine, apply to the entire hair.

  • Lime juice –

    For light brown or blond hair color, lime juice works. Mix one tablespoon of freshly squeezed lime juice in one gallon of water and apply to the hair. Using this everyday gives you the desired hair color.

  • Chamomile flowers –

    Add ½ cup of chamomile flowers in 1 quart of boiling water. Steep for about half an hour and stain the liquid. Allow the mixture to cool and then, apply all over the hair. Leave for about 15 minutes and wash your hair.

  • Rhubarb –

    This is another effective way of lightening the hair naturally. Rhubarb, added with citrus lemon extract, pineapple and grapefruit on applying over the hair lightens the hair naturally. On several applications, you get the desired hair color.

These natural remedies give an appropriate answer to your question,

how to lighten hair naturally?

They will not cause any damage to your hair and moreover saves you a trip to the salon.

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