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Olive Oil For Constipation

Olive oil is a natural stool softener, that effectively cures constipation. The following article tells you about the use of

olive oil for constipation

. But, olive oil alone cannot treat constipation. It can be effective only when certain other lifestyle changes are made such as intake of excess fluids, high fiber diet and regular exercising. Let us know about the benefits and use of

olive oil for constipation.

Benefits include:

  • Softens the Feces –

    In constipation condition, the feces becomes very hard and a person finds very difficult to eliminate them. Regular intake of olive oil helps in causing muscle contractions in the intestines, therefore releasing bile liquids and thus, the feces are softened during the process. Soft feces can be easily eliminated and constipation condition is cured.

  • Reduces Intestinal Dilation –

    It is observed in babies that they cannot pass on their feces easily, which results in feces accumulation in the intestines. This causes intestinal dilation and thus, the baby suffers from stomach pain. This pain reverts them from eliminating the feces. Massaging olive oil on the baby’s stomach helps in subsiding the pain and thus, he/she will be able to pass on the stools easily.

  • No Side-effects –

    Olive oil causes no side effects even on long-term usage. Whereas medications aggravate the condition. As olive oil is a natural product extracted from olive fruits, it even does not cause any aggravation of constipation.

How To Use Olive Oil For Constipation?

Olive oil can be used in any one of the following two ways.

  • After getting up in the morning, consume a tablespoon of high quality, extra virgin and pure olive oil. Continue taking it for a few days. Even if the constipation condition remains, start taking another tablespoon in the evening, 1 hour before the dinner.
  • Another way of consuming olive oil is to take it along with some fruit or vegetable rich in fiber content. Orange is the best fruit to prefer. In the morning, consume a tablespoon of olive oil, followed by one orange. Also consume another tablespoon in the evening, followed by broccoli.

Olive oil for constipation

works effective for mild constipation conditions. But, it should always be consumed along with dietary and lifestyle changes.

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