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Olive Oil For Ear Infection

Though we are aware of different remedies for treating ear infections, most of us are not aware that

olive oil for ear infection

is the best natural remedy. Read on to know more about this wonderful remedy.

Ear infection is one of the common health conditions, which affects almost everyone. Ear consists of three sections namely – outer, middle and inner ears, and ear infections are common in middle ear. The middle ear contains an eardrum, followed by a small space filled with mucus which is often infected by viruses or bacteria. The middle ear opens into the back of the throat by Eustachian tube which will get inflamed as a result, causing symptoms like irritation, ear pain, heat and redness in the ear.

How Olive Oil For Ear Infection Works?

Since long back, olive oil has got a very good importance due to its natural ability to relieve pain of ear infections or ear problems. It provides a soothing effect to the walls of the outer ear by forming a layer for protection against bacteria or viruses.

Olive Oil for Ear Wax

  • Olive oil is monounsaturated oil and is skin friendly, and therefore is used for removing ear wax.
  • Put one to two drops of this oil in the ear twice a day, i.e every morning and evening for about a week. This helps in moisturizing the skin inside the ear.
  • You can even soak a tissue paper in olive oil for sometime and keep it in a microwave to become warm. Squeeze the oil drops into the ear and plug the ear with the same tissue paper.
  • This natural treatment is very effective in providing relief from the discomfort and removes ear wax in no more than 10 minutes.

Olive Oil for Ear Pain

  • Olive oil is also effective for healing ear pain or ear ache that are caused as a result of infections.
  • Olive oil along with garlic is a good remedy. Mash one garlic clove and heat it along with one tablespoon of olive oil for about 5 to 7 minutes. Make sure that garlic clove will not get cooked in the heat. You need to just heat it in the oil. Strain the oil and store it in a glass container.
  • Pour a few drops of this oil in the infected ear with the aid of an ear dropper. Let the oil rest for sometime and then keep a cotton plug in the ear.
  • Clean the ear the next morning using peroxide solution. Put a few drops of peroxide into the ear and leave it for about 3 to 5 minutes. Now, drain away the solution and always keep a cotton plug in the ears.
  • Follow the same treatment at night. This treatment is very effective as it provides good comfort and cures the ear infections in less time.
  • Instead of garlic, you can even use cinnamon or onion juice along with olive oil, heated for about 5 to 7 minutes. This is also effective in healing ear infections.


olive oil for ear infection

is very beneficial than antibiotics. It is more effective for treating ear infections in children as it is proved to be the safest natural method of treatment. Though olive oil takes more time to heal the ear infections and pains, it gives long term benefits to the ear with no side effects. If you find no relief by using this olive oil, it is best to consult a physician or an ENT specialist so that the cause behind the ear infection is determined and the appropriate medications are prescribed.

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