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Homemade Skin Whiteners

Everybody longs to have white skin and will be ready to do anything to get a fairer complexion. Even the people with white skin try to make their skin appear more white. There are various skin whitening treatments such as lotions, creams, etc but these are not considered to be safe. You can make

homemade skin whiteners

using natural products and they are moreover safe and harmless.

Natural agents like aloe vera, orange, lemon extracts, milk, etc help in clearing the complexion and therefore you can appear whiter. They minimize the melanin compound production in the body which is the main cause of skin darkening.

Here are some of the

homemade skin whiteners

which are very easy to make:

  • Lemon Juice

    – This has got mild bleaching property. It also contains citric acid which shows the effect of lightening the skin by sloughing off the superficial epidermal layer. Applying freshly squeezed lemon juice few times a day helps in whitening the skin.

  • Buttermilk and Milk

    – This is a popular folk remedy. The lactic acid present in these products helps in exfoliating the top epidermal skin layer. Therefore new skin appears, making the darkened skin area less noticeable.

  • Orange Peels

    – This is also the best natural skin whitener. Cut orange peels and dry them under the sun. After drying up, prepare powder from the dried peels. Add some milk and make a paste of it. Apply to the darkened skin areas for whitening the skin.

  • Lime Juice and Tomato Juice

    – Make a paste using lime and tomato juice. Apply freshly prepared mixture to the face and leave for about 15 – 20 minutes. Rinse off using water. This is very effective in lightening the skin and fading away the tans.

  • Mint Leaves

    – Dry a few mint leaves and grind them to make a powder. Make a paste of this by adding water and apply the paste to the skin. Leave it for sometime and then wash your face.

  • Almonds and Milk

    – Soak about 4 almonds overnight in water. The following day, blend these almonds. Add some milk and make a paste of it. Apply this paste to the skin and leave it overnight. Wash it off with water the following morning. Follow this for about 15 days for better results.

These are the most effective

homemade skin whiteners

using natural products. Following them regularly helps in clearing the darker complexion.

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