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How to do A Natural Face Lift

Are you worried about your aging skin? Longing for an amazing skin without wrinkles and face lines? Want to know

how to do a natural face lift?

Then here is the solution for your problems. The safest and best natural face lift method is facial exercising. These facial exercises help in reversing the aging process by tightening the elongated muscles and firm up the face whereever it appears flabby. These exercises are a healthy way that require no invasive surgery. You can really retain a youthful face throughout your life.

The following given exercises can be practiced for a natural face lift. Read on to know

how to do a natural face lift.

  • Pucker, that is contract your lips and make sure you leave a small gap in between. In simpler words, keep them as if your are going to whistle. Now, close your eyes and continue puckering your lips. Think that you are holding something with your lips. Hold this puckered lip position for about 20 seconds. Follow this with the next mentioned exercise.
  • Keep your eyes wide open. Open them in such a way as if you are shocked while also raising your eyebrows. Try to stretch out the mouth as wide as possible and hold the same position for about 20 seconds. Perform this exercise after the above exercise. Repeat both these exercises one after the other for nearly 2 minutes.
  • This is another exercise, but an independent one which requires no combination of other exercises. This is done by closing your mouth and clenching the teeth tightly. Apply a lot of force and pull your lips to the corners downwardly. Let all your muscles present in the neck become rigid and stand firm. Now, by keeping the upper face in relaxed state, try to bring the chin muscle upwards. This makes the mouth to contract towards the center of your face. Perform this exercise 4 – 8 times a day.

These are the most beneficial exercises that can help you to do a

natural face lift.

The resulting appearance of the face will be youthful which you will retain throughout your life.

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