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Blood Orange Juice Nutrition Facts

Blood oranges, a species of orange family provide many health benefits. There are various positive reasons to choose this particular fruit as a part of your regular diet. Blood orange juice is a healthy source of nutrition and let us know about

blood orange juice nutrition facts

through the below content.

Listed below are the

blood orange juice nutrition facts

and its benefits.

    Blood Orange Juice Nutrition Facts

  • Vitamin C

    – We know the importance of vitamin C in citrus fruits; blood oranges are also considered to be rich sources of Vitamin C. Consuming a medium sized blood orange offers you nearly 10% of daily recommended vitamin C.

  • Antioxidants

    – Antioxidants are known for their anticancer properties and blood oranges are rich in them. A pigment called anthocyanin is a rich antioxidant present in these fruits.

  • Fiber

    – A medium sized blood orange will give about 12 – 28 % of daily recommended fiber to the body system.

  • Minerals

    – Blood oranges provide various minerals and vitamins to the body. They are rich in iron, calcium and vitamin A.

  • Calories

    – An average sized blood orange can provide nearly 70 calories and therefore it is considered to be the healthiest low calorie food.

Uses of Blood Orange Juice

  • The strong tangy taste of the fruit and deep red color flesh makes the blood oranges an ideal choice for preparing mixed drinks, orange juice and many varieties of cocktails.
  • It is also used for preparing chutneys, pestos and salads.
  • Blood orange juice is also used for adding flavor to desserts such as pastries, cakes and gelatos.

Rather than adding preservatives and sweeteners to the blood orange juice, you should have freshly prepared juice for more nutritional health benefits. Hope this article on

blood orange juice nutrition facts

helped you in knowing about the amazing fruit.

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