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Herbal Teas For Cough – Natural Cures For Cough

Herbal teas

are one of the traditional beneficial remedies to provide relief from various common conditions like cold, cough, flu and many more. The following article gives some types of

herbal teas for cough

and cold. These common conditions are triggered by many factors like pollution, dust, climatic changes, animal dander and pollen and they can be quite distressing conditions. Though there are many conventional treatments, natural cures are more effective in treating the conditions.

There are some herbal teas which help in treating various symptoms of cough, cold and flu. These herbal teas are prepared by blending herbs, honey, lemon and spices seeped in hot water for sometime. Following is a list of popular versions of

herbal teas for cough

Herbal Teas For Cough - Natural Cures For Cough

  • Chamomile Tea

    – This is known for its unique flavor which helps in clearing away the nasal passage and drains sinuses as well. It is effective in treating both cough and cold. It also cures severe cases of fever and bronchitis. Chamomile tea has antimicrobial properties that aids in destroying the microbial growth in the respiratory tract. Dried leaves and flowers of chamomile can be used to make herbal tea. Even fresh flowers can be used for a refreshing tea.

  • Fennel Tea

    – This tea prepared from fennel seeds is an excellent nature cure for cough and sore throat. Gargling or drinking a cup of fennel tea aids in eliminating the irritation caused in the throat. It even helps in reducing the cough and provides soothing effect to the chest pain that happens from continuous cough. Seep fennel seeds in hot water and you can also add coriander and cardamom for added flavor. Maple syrup can also be added for sweetness.onsume at regular intervals.

  • Ginger Tea

    – Ginger tea is an excellent expectorant which offers relief from cough and chest congestion. Add a few drops of honey and lemon juice to the ginger tea for an excellent combination. Consuming this provides relief from inflammation of the throat. Honey helps in bringing down the cough and lemon juice soothes the irritation. To prepare this tea, boil two cups of water, add a teaspoon of ginger paste and allow it to seep for about 15 minutes. Then add lemon juice and honey.

  • Lemongrass Tea

    – This is also one of the most powerful herbal teas for cough. This tea concoction can be prepared from lemongrass, cinnamon, peppercorns, mint leaves, lemon juice and honey. This is an age old remedy for chest congestion that usually occurs after cough and cold effect. It aids in clearing away the nasal passages for improving the breathing pattern. You should choose tender lemongrass leaves and peel off the outer layer so that the tea no more tastes bitter. Cut the leaves into small pieces and add them to the boiling water. Add cinnamon and peppercorns and remove the mixture from heat. You can then add lemon juice and honey if needed.

  • Licorice Tea

    – This is another effective herbal remedy for cough and cold. It has expectorant and demulcent properties that help in cleaning away the phlegm from the respiratory tract. This serves as the best remedy for productive cough. Boil some water and seep the licorice roots in it for 10 minutes. Strain the solution and add sweetener for good taste.

  • Benefits of Consuming Herbal Teas for Cough

    Herbal teas provide many health benefits upon consumption. They are beneficial remedies for both productive (wet) and dry cough as well.

    • Herbal teas have nutrients to cure the symptoms of cough and cold. They even strengthen immune system which protects the body system from various disorders.
    • They flush out pathogens and toxins from the body thus, healing the infections and disorders. Drink the tea immediately in a warm state for effective relief against cough and cold.
    • They replenish the antioxidants which are effective in fighting against the free radicals that cause diseases.
    • Consuming a cup of warm tea before the bedtime helps in calming the nerves and gives a good night’s sleep.

    This is all about the

    herbal teas for cough

    and the various benefits of herbal teas. They help in controlling the symptoms and even speed up the recovery time of the common respiratory illnesses.

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