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Natural Remedies for Yellow Teeth

Nothing can make your smile beautiful than sparkling teeth. But, your white teeth can turn into yellow as a result of enamel damage. Faulty habits such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and lack of proper oral care are the causes of yellow teeth. The following article gives some

natural remedies for yellow teeth

that work out very well.
Natural Remedies for Yellow Teeth
Listed below are the

natural remedies for yellow teeth:

  • Regular rubbing of dried

    orange peels

    on the damaged teeth is a very effective natural remedy.

  • The

    white part of the orange peel

    can also be dried and made into powder. Mix this with dried basil leaves and rub the teeth regularly. This prevents and heals the problem quickly.

  • Strawberries

    also serve as one of the best natural remedies. Rubbing them regularly on the teeth helps in removing the left over sugar and acid on the teeth. Pulp of strawberry can also be mixed with baking soda and used to rub the teeth. This can remove the yellow stains perfectly.

  • Take about half teaspoon


    and add half a tablespoon

    baking soda

    and a pinch of salt to it. Use this mixture to rub the teeth for effective removal of yellow stains.

  • Rubbing the damaged teeth with the

    bark of walnut tree

    also helps in getting rid of stains and is an effective remedy.

  • Celery, carrot and apple

    are also considered as effective natural cures for yellow teeth. Eating these foods after taking meals helps in scrubbing away the stains on teeth and therefore whitens the teeth.

  • One of the simplest natural cures for yellow teeth is brushing them with

    apple cider vinegar

    every night. You can also add apple cider vinegar to a glass of water and use this solution as a mouthwash.

  • Lemon juice

    is also one of the effective remedies for yellow teeth. Take about three parts of lemon juice and add one part of salt to it. Apply this mixture on the teeth, leave for about one minute and then brush the teeth normally. Using this remedy at least two times a week helps in whitening the yellow teeth.

These are some of the most effective and beneficial

natural remedies for yellow teeth

. To make your teeth shiny and healthy, use these natural cures regularly.

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