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Eat Apple Peel to Keep Muscles Strong

An apple a day really keeps the doctor away – as long as you don’t throw away its peel. The chemical behind the apple’s skin is credited with many health benefits from keeping muscles strong to keeping a lid on weight. Now, do you want to

eat apple peel to keep muscles strong

and want to know the facts behind it? Then, read on the recent research done at the

University of Iowa

led by

Christopher Adams, the researcher, endocrinologist and senior author of the study.

Eat Apple Peel to Keep Muscles Strong
Research studies revealed a waxy substance present in apple peel which helps in reducing muscle atrophy and therefore, promotes muscle growth in mice. It is also known to aid in lowering blood sugar levels, fats, triglycerides and cholesterol. Therefore, it is very good in treating metabolic disorders like diabetes.

Muscle atrophy is a common condition that affects most of the individuals at any point in their lives. It is a loss or wasting of muscle tissue and can cause serious problems. This condition has got no proper medicine till now according to Christopher Adams.

Research Study

Researchers have studied the muscle gene activity of people suffering from muscle atrophy and used that information to find out the chemicals that cause atrophy. One chemical that causes muscle atrophy is very interesting called

ursolic acid

and this was found to be present in apple peels. Ursolic acid helps in reducing muscle atrophy by

stimulating insulin like growth factor-1 (IGF1) and insulin to build muscles

. Since the chemical promotes these two factors and build muscles, muscle atrophy is reduced. This chemical even showed some more benefits in mice. It helped in reducing glucose, cholesterol and fat levels in the blood.

Though ursolic acid helped in increasing the muscle weight, it did not show any effect on total body weight. The research study thus, added that the goal is to now find out how apples help humans to help make their muscles bulge and waistlines shrink.

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