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Natural Remedies for Common Hair Problems

There are certain important natural herbs and formulations to give you the most beautiful hair you ever dreamt about. There are some important

natural remedies for common hair problems

such as brittle hair, dry hair, hair fall, dandruff and many more.
Natural Remedies for Common Hair Problems
Given below are the

natural remedies for common hair problems:

  • Tea tree oil

    – The anti bacterial properties of tea tree oil help in getting rid of bacteria from the scalp which are the main cause for dandruff and hair fall. Massaging it directly to the hair gives good results.

  • Indian Gooseberry powder

    – This is an excellent natural remedy for hair. You can apply this to hair by mixing it with any oil base. It makes the hair appear glossier, softer and even prevents premature graying of hair.

  • Apple cider vinegar

    – This is known to be a very good remedy as it shows good improvement in the health of hair and hair follicles. Regular washing of hair with apple cider vinegar helps in promoting hair growth and also prevents dryness.

  • Saw palmetto extract

    – This is very helpful in treating hair problems like slow hair growth and aids in promoting hair regeneration.

  • Natural Remedies for Common Hair Problems

  • Green tea

    – This is also an important natural remedy known to improve the condition of hair by lowering the DHT production in the body which causes hair loss.

  • Gingko biloba

    – It improves circulation which therefore leads to increase in the amount of blood flow to the scalp. It therefore helps in improving hair growth and health.

  • Regular head massage shows a number of beneficial effects on the scalp and hair as well. It aids in stimulating hair follicles to produce healthy and strong hair. It also builds resistance in the body to fight hair problems like dandruff and many others. Head massage even helps in relieving stress and headaches.

These are the

natural remedies for common hair problems.

Use them regularly to get rid of various hair problems that make your hair look dull and weak.

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