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Medicinal Benefits of Dates

Date is one of the most widely consumed dry fruit. It is well known that dry fruits are rich in nutrients such as vitamins and minerals which are required by our body. Dates are rich in iron which helps in strengthening the body. However, there are other

medicinal benefits of dates

as well.

Medicinal Benefits of Dates

Dates are very rich in minerals such as manganese, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, copper etc apart from calcium, iron and sulfur. Dates also have high concentrations of fructose and glucose which can be easily absorbed by the body. Following are some of their medicinal benefits.

  • Hemoglobin

    content in your blood can be improved due to high concentration of iron present in it. Dates are also found to prevent night blindness.

  • Abdominal cancer

    can be prevented by eating dates as it contains a lot of fiber. Weak heart too can be strengthened by eating dates.

  • Tooth decay

    can be prevented by consuming dates since it is rich in fluorine content.

  • Obesity

    can be effectively controlled since dates are rich in glucose and fructose which are readily absorbed by the body in effect quenching hunger easily. The sugar content can also give you instant boost of energy.

  • Sexual weakness

    can be treated by eating dates. Soak dates in goat’s milk overnight. In the morning, you can drink that milk by mixing it with the same dates (grind the seedless dates), cardamom seed and honey.

  • Alcohol intoxication

    can be treated at home using dates syrup. It is also a very good revitalizing tonic.

  • Patients who have undergone

    fractures and surgery

    can be given dates. Dates are rich in calcium and helps in rebuilding their structure.

  • Intestinal and digestive disorders

    can be cured by consuming dates. Dates are also effective in inhibiting the harmful bacteria in the body while promoting good bacteria.

  • Energy metabolism

    is promoted by dates due to their magnesium content. Dates are also excellent sources of potassium. It is very useful for strengthening the heart.


medicinal benefits of dates

should be sufficient to convince you to eat more dates if you haven’t yet included them in your diet.

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