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7 Natural Ways to Beat Motion Sickness

Motion sickness has symptoms such as nausea, vomiting sensation, cold sweats or dizziness which is caused while traveling. Many people face motion sickness while traveling either by car, bus, train or plane or even a merry-go-round in the park. Following some simple

natural remedies for motion sickness

can relieve you from these problems.

Natural remedies for Motion Sickness

  1. Ginger:

    This is one of the most popular herbs for curing motion sickness. Studies conducted show that ginger is as effective as motion sickness medications. In fact, a Swedish study was conducted which involved 79 naval cadets who claimed that one gram of ginger could reduce cold sweats and vomiting. However, know that ginger may not be so effective against nausea or vertigo.

  2. Fresh air:

    Standing in open air can reduce vomiting sensation. An alternate way is to try and have open windows where you are seated so that there is fresh air. Also, avoid strong-smelling foods and snacks as well as smoking in the vehicle.

  3. Avoiding rear seats:

    Rear seats can make you feel the motion more than front seats. This naturally leads to motion sickness. Avoid sitting in rear seats if you think you have motion sickness. Also, try and avoid facing backwards.

  4. Smooth driving:

    Applying brakes too many times and continuous swaying may lead to motion sickness. Avoid braking too much and try to have a smoother drive.

  5. Stomach ease:

    Avoid having an empty stomach. It is not the best remedy for motion sickness. Also, try and avoid food which is greasy or hard-to-digest. At the same time, avoid overeating.

  6. Medicinal Herbs:

    Herbs such as mint can provide digestive comfort. Homoeopathic medicines involving Kalium (Potassium) phosphate and Cocculus act as nerve tonics to provide comfort.

  7. Acupressure:

    According to Chinese medicine and acupressure, applying the right pressure on certain pressure point inside the forearm (about two inches above the crease of the wrist) relieves motion sickness and nausea.


Motion sickness is easy to identify and cure. Just use some of the above mentioned natural remedies for motion sickness and you should feel better in no time.

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