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Natural Sources of Folic Acid

Folic acid is an important vitamin needed by the body. It is one of the important sources of vitamin B9. Folic acid helps in cell metabolism. It is the vitamin required for cell growth and repair in your body. Although folic acid can be taken in the form of supplements, natural sources of folic acid are in abundance. Following are some natural sources which can provide folic acid without having to spend on supplements.

Natural Sources of Folic Acid

  • Vegetables and Fruits:

    Leafy vegetables such as spinach, lettuces, turnip leaves and broccoli are rich in folic acid. Fruits such as avocado, strawberries, tomatoes, bananas and oranges are also rich in folic acid. Strawberries are known to contain more folic acid than oranges (by about 10 micro grams).

  • Nuts and Legumes:

    Nuts such as hazelnuts, walnuts and peanuts are known to be excellent sources of folic acid. Hazelnuts and walnuts contain up to 70-90 mcg (micro grams) where as peanuts contain up to 100 mcg of folic acid. Legumes such as lentils, black beans, kidney beans and chickpeas are rich in folic acid. Chickpeas contain up to 63 mcg per serving and the assorted beans contain up to 130 mcg of folic acid per serving.

  • Fortified food:

    Many whole cereal and grain foods naturally contain folate. However, grain foods which say either “fortified” or “enriched” on the label have additional folic acid added to them. These food products include whole breads, pasta, rice, oatmeals and others made from enriched flour. However, make sure you double check the ingredients list to be sure.

  • Other foods:

    Beef and chicken liver contain a large amount of folate. A mere 3 1/3 ounce of chicken liver serving can give you 700 mcg of folic acid. The same serving of beef liver can give you a little over 200 mcg of folic acid. One tablespoon of wheat germs can provide you up to 38 mcg.


Recommended Daily Allowance

(RDA) of folic acid is 400 mcg/day. So including a combination of any of these

natural sources of folic acid

would be recommended to have a healthy and a balanced diet. Also, it is suggested that you avoid beef and chicken since vegetables and fruits are healthier sources of folates.

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