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Health Benefits of Cloves

Clove is one of the most commonly used spices in the eastern parts of the world. It is indigenous to Indonesia. But, they are also grown in countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Zanzibar and West Indies. There are numerous

medicinal benefits of cloves

apart from their aromatic nature due to the presence of numerous vitamins and minerals.

Following are some of the medicinal benefits of cloves.

Health properties and benefits

  • Anti-fungal:

    The Eugenol chemical compound found in cloves is found to have powerful anti-fungal properties. It is shown to be effective against ringworms and other fungal parasites. A combination of eugenol and and tea tree oil is found to be highly effective. The anti-fungal property can be compared to that of the commercially available drug nystatin while being less toxic, inexpensive and safer having lesser side effects.

  • Anesthetic:

    The compound eugenol is also used in dentistry due its powerful anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anesthetic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is often used in the form of mixers such as fillers or dental cement. Clove oil is used in toothpaste since it strengthens teeth and prevents tooth decay. Tooth ache can be relieved by placing a single clove on the aching tooth. Its antibacterial property helps fight bad breath.

  • Diabetes:

    Clove has been found to be helpful in diabetes management due to its property of improving insulin activity. This can also help in a late onset of diabetes.

  • Cancer prevention:

    Clove can be used to prevent and delay the formation of skin cancer as well as lung cancer. Clove is also known to inhibit bacteria which causes stomach ulcer.

  • Aphrodisiac:

    Tests conducted on male mice show that cloves can improve sexual activity without adverse effects.

  • Mosquito repellent:

    Clove oil is a natural mosquito and moth repellent and can protect against mosquitoes for 4-5 hours.

Other medicinal benefits of cloves include stopping vomiting, relieving indigestion, controlling diarrhea and healing cuts and bites. These benefits makes clove a gift of nature to mankind.


Having told about these events, there are few negative sides of cloves. Children, pregnant or nursing women should avoid clove supplements as it adversely affects them.

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