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Natural Remedies For Infant Jaundice

Infant jaundice is almost a common condition in children. Almost 70% of children show some sign of jaundice. However, only a few cases need clinical treatment. There are many

natural remedies for infant jaundice

and you can treat most of the jaundice symptoms at home.

Natural remedies for infant jaundice

Most of the newborn babies suffer from this condition when their blood contains excessive bilirubin (a yellow pigment produced by liver). Since the liver of an immature baby is incapable of disposing this pigment quickly, the excess pigment is stored in the skin and the eyeballs of the baby.

Following are some ways in which you can treat infant jaundice naturally.

  • Breastfeeding:

    This is a must for breastfeeding children. Your milk can help remove excess bilirubin from an infant’s body through its stools. Also, the extra protein in the milk protects the brain from getting damaged due to excess bilirubin. So make it a point to breastfeed your infant early and frequently.

  • Sunlight:

    An alternative (unless specified by the physician) to photo therapy is to place your baby in a sunlit warm room. Make sure that the baby is only in diapers and the temperature is just warm. Avoid the baby becoming cold and avoid placing it under direct sun. Direct sun can cause the baby to get sunburns. Sunlight helps break down bilirubin.

  • Supplements:

    Some times natural breast milk may not be sufficient for breastfeeding infants. Under such circumstances, provide your baby some supplements. You can talk to your lactation consultant for providing alternate supplements for the baby.

  • Infusion of herbs:

    A breastfeeding mother can consume infusions of certain herbs such as comfrey leaf, dandelion root and catnip. The baby will obtain the same benefits from its mother which can cure infant jaundice.

  • Avoid sugar water:

    Some mothers may feed infants with bottles of sugar water in order to reduce bilirubin levels. This has been proven ineffective. On the contrary, it may even aggravate the jaundice. Don’t resort to this method.

Know that most of the symptoms such as yellow tinted eyes and skin are due to physiological jaundice in infants. They can be treated using the above mentioned

natural remedies for infant jaundice

. However, know that jaundice in children may still be due to various reasons. So, before you administer the above mentioned remedies, make sure that the child has physiological jaundice. For any other conditions, visit your doctor.

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