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Treat Erectile Dysfunction Naturally

Erectile dysfunction is the inability of a man to get adequate erection for sexual activities though he has normal sexual drive. There are many

natural remedies for erectile dysfunction

which can help you solve the problem. Following some of these simple techniques can help you treat impotence naturally.

Natural remedies for erectile dysfunction

  • Zinc:

    Severe depletion of zinc in body can lead to erectile dysfunction. Consume food which is rich in zinc. Oysters, roasted pumpkin and squash seeds, dried water melon seeds and peanuts are rich in zinc.

  • Reduce stress:

    Try to live a stress free life. Extreme stress in life can automatically distract you from everything else leading to erectile dysfunction. Learn relaxation techniques like yoga or deep breathing. You can also have massage therapy for stress relief.

  • Gingko:

    This is a herb sometimes used to treat impotence especially when it is found as a side effect of certain anti-depressant drugs. It is found to relax the smooth muscle and help more blood flow to the penis.

  • Food and health habits:

    Food habits sometimes have a significant effect on erection. Avoid eating too hot, spicy and bitter food. Avoid smoking and alcohol. Smoking is proven to lead to impotence. Make it a point to exercise regularly. Add milk, nuts and ghee (a milk product) to your diet.

  • Vitamin A and fiber:

    Deficiency of this vitamin can not only cause night blindness, but also erectile problems. Eat foods rich in Vitamin A. Carrot is one source for obtaining this vitamin. Consuming fiber rich fruits and vegetables enhance blood circulation to all the parts of the body.

  • Other:

    Mix one part honey with one part walnut. Take the mix 30 minutes after the meal, three times a day. Drink milk right after this. Continue this treatment for one month. You can also mix two tablespoons of ground carrots with one glass of milk and then heat it on a low flame. Heat it for ten minutes and consume 100 ml of this mixture three times a day for a week.


Erectile dysfunction is not something you should be afraid or ashamed of. Make some minor changes in your lifestyle and use these

natural remedies for erectile dysfunction

. You will be back to your healthy self again.

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