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Boost Your Metabolism Naturally

Body metabolism has a direct relation with body fat. An increase in metabolism helps you in reducing your body fat and maintaining a healthy weight. But how can you

increase metabolism naturally

without making it heavy on your purse?

Tips for boosting metabolism naturally

Body metabolism is basically the rate at which the food you consume is burnt into energy giving the necessary fuel to perform daily activities. Fat is deposited in your body for future use. Boosting your metabolism helps you burn this fat hence reducing fat deposition in body. Following are some tips which will help you increase metabolism naturally.

  • Physical activity:

    The first golden rule is exercising. Any activity including sitting and sleeping burns calories. However, if you exercise for at least half an hour a day, you increase your metabolism rate for the next 24 hours. More the physical activity, more calories are burnt improving metabolism.

  • Build muscle:

    This doesn’t mean you need to become a body builder. But, the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn. Know that the best way for burning fat is to convert it into muscle. So, include some weight training in your daily exercise. A power training can actually spike your metabolism helping you burn fat faster.

  • Have a healthy diet:

    The thumb rule here is to include food rich in fiber. Fiber helps you clean your body from inside and avoids deposition of fat in your body thereby improving metabolism. Also, remember to drink at least 2 liters of water everyday. Don’t forget to maintain a healthy balance of proteins, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. Don’t skip your breakfast at any cost. It is the most important meal of the day and it is the meal which will keep you active throughout the day. Skipping a breakfast will make you feel hungry and eat unhealthy snacks at untimely hours thereby bringing down your metabolism.

  • Mini-meals:

    Try and have 4-6 mini-meals at regular intervals in a day instead of having 3 large meals. A long gap between two meals makes your body store more calories and fat in order to use it for activities. Having small meals once 2-3 hours will avoid deposition of this fat maintaining a healthy level of insulin and blood sugar in your body.

  • Reduce stress:

    In the modern society, stress has become a common problem. Did you know that high physical and mental stress can make you fat? Stress triggers our body to release cortisol (a steroid) which slows down metabolism. Due to stress, you may also tend to have bad eating habits which again make your metabolism go for a toss. Get sufficient sleep. People who don’t sleep well are always tired and less likely to be involved in physical activities, hence reducing metabolism.

Improving your metabolism is like increasing the burning capacity of your biological furnace. The better your metabolism, the more you burn calories and fat. So, if you want to reduce body fat and live a healthy and happy life, start to

increase metabolism naturally


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