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Activate Your Brain Cells Naturally

What are the

natural ways to activate brain cells

without resorting to medications is a very important question when you hit a mental barrier and don’t perform at your optimum capacity. Human brain has the capacity to perform extraordinary feats. But, due to the stress and bad work ethics in the modern times, we don’t seem to work as effectively as we intend to. Keeping your brain cells active helps you perform at your optimum level. Following are some of the natural ways to activate brain cells.

Activating brain cells naturally

Developing brain cells is more about developing the neurons in the brain. The more neurons are born in the brain and more stronger their network, the more brain capacity you are developing. The converse is also true. The more you exercise your brain, the more neurons are born and the better their network is developed. Certain activities can help you develop neurons and hence the brain cells.

  • Exercise

    Research from Colombia University found that people who exercise are able to grow and new brain and nerve cells. Other studies found out that people who exercised regularly had the capacity to increase their brain cells birth rate up to 2-3 times. There are specific exercises which can help you develop your brain cells and the neuron network faster.

  • Meditate

    Evidence from researches conducted at Harvard, Yale and Massachusetts Institute of Technology show that meditation can increase the IQ of a person apart from relieving stress. It also helps in higher levels of brain functioning, advanced thinking and performance. Brain scanning technology (MRI) showed that meditation can boost the thickness of the brain structure which deals with attention, memory and sensory output functions.

  • Environment

    Environment has a huge impact on the brain cell development. Research has found that enriched environment can help in neurogenesis (growth and development of neurons and the cell network) and emotionality.

  • Diet

    Maintain a healthy diet. Have a fiber rich diet which also contains lower calories and fats. Avoid junk food. Junk food is found to increase “brain fog” and degenerative to mental growth. Wine drinkers have a good news. Red wine is rich in antioxidants. Healthy consumption of wine is considered good for the development of brain cells. Fish oil supplements help to boost focus and strengthen the emotional center of the brain. Nuts are known to boost brain power. Drink fruit juice. It provides nutrients to the brain cells.

  • Activities

    Always involve yourself in any activity which uses brain. Activities such as reading help you absorb large amounts of information. Solving puzzles acts as a brain workout. Play games which involve thinking. Engage in debate. It helps you think critically and apply intelligence. Engage in creative activities such as writing, drawing or singing. These activities strengthen your right part of the brain and improve creativity.

Activating your brain cells not only improve your performance when you are young, but can also prevent or postpone certain age related diseases such as the Alzheimer’s disease. So, use the above-mentioned

natural ways to activate brain cells

and lead a healthy life.

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