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Combat Seasonal Asthma Naturally

Seasonal asthma, as the name suggests, is a seasonal allergy. Though this occurs seasonally, it cannot be ignored. So, what are the

natural remedies for seasonal asthma

? The allergy begins with mid spring and ends with summer and it is caused due to the large amounts of pollen. For people suffering from seasonal asthma, this chronic condition can be painful. This allergy can be treated using some of the following remedies.

Natural treatments for seasonal asthma

  • Keep the allergens away

    : Try and breath recirculated area instead of the air carrying pollen and other allergens. Keep the windows of your home and car closed on the days when you have a high pollen count.

  • Keep things clean

    : Mold and dust can worsen your asthma symptoms. Keep your surroundings clean. Make sure you vacuum thoroughly and frequently. Make sure you don’t have any weed or allergic plants growing in your garden.

  • Cover your mouth

    : When heading out, keep your mouth covered. You can wear a dust mask which covers your nose and mouth. Dust masks can prevent you from inhaling airborne pollutants thus helping you to breath in an easier way and handling your asthma in a better way.

  • Stay indoors

    : Spring and summer usually have increased counts of pollen and other allergens. Try and stay indoors as much as possible. Venture out only when necessary.

  • Herbs

    : Certain herbs are known to treat seasonal asthma. Turmeric is known to fight asthma. Take turmeric powder with water on an empty stomach for two to three times a day. Another remedy is to drink the following mixture daily: 1/8 tablespoon of black pepper, ¼ cup of onion juice and 1 tablespoon of honey. Dry figs, when taken with water, are known to reduce phlegm. Some other herbs which are known to treat asthma are grapeseed, boswelia and dried ivy.

Follow these

natural remedies for seasonal asthma

and you will be able to combat this seasonal allergy more effectively.

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