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Natural Sources of Antibiotics

Many minor sicknesses can be cured with

natural sources of antibiotics

. How many times have you popped an antibiotic tablet when you fell ill? Are you aware that many of these tablets and pills have strong doses of antibiotics and can cause unwanted and sometimes even serious side effects? Most of the natural antibiotics are lot safer than their pharmaceutical counterparts.

Natural antibiotics

Most of the natural antibiotics are very effective in treating minor infections and sickness. Even medical research supports using these natural sources in many occasions, since certain bacteria become resistant to pharmaceutical medicines and can be treated through natural remedies.

Following are some natural sources of antibiotics.

  • Honey

    : Honey has many health benefits. It can be a perfect natural substitute for sugar. When you start feeling sick, take 1 teaspoon of raw honey daily. Honey contains natural antibiotics which can fight of illness if detected in early stages. However, make sure you consult your doctor first before you take honey, since people with weak immune system can feel worse rather than feeling better. Researchers have also found that honey is as effective as traditional local antibiotics.

  • Oregano Oil

    : Oregano oil can be found in many health stores and grocery stores. It has very good antibiotic properties. Thyme oil and cinnamon oil are found to contain natural antibiotics, however, oregano oil is found to be stronger then both. Researchers have successfully tested these oils on bacteria which are found to be resistant to certain clinical antibiotics.

  • Garlic

    : Garlic is proven to contain strong medicinal properties and antibiotic property is one of them. Researchers have found that plants similar to garlic such as onions, leeks and chives contain similar antibiotic properties. Garlic acquires its strong antibiotic property from its rich sulfur content. Sulfur is responsible for chemical reactions which prevent the survival of bacteria.

  • Neem

    : Neem, a medicinal herb finds its place in the Ayurvedic system of medicine. It is found to be very effective particularly against skin diseases.

  • Goldenseal

    : According to University of Maryland Medical Center, this has been effectively used to treat digestive problems, eye infections and skin disorders. Goldenseal contains an active compound called berberine that can kill many types of microbes. Some of these microbes are known to cause Candida infections, diarrhea and include parasites such as tape worms.

  • Tea Tree Oil

    : It is known to effectively treat fungal infections. Lab tests have shown that it contains antifungal properties and is effective against fungi which cause yeast infections and athlete’s foot.

There are numerous

natural sources of antibiotics

and these are only some of them.


Some of these sources have powerful antibacterial properties which can also kill the good bacteria needed by your body. Caution should be maintained while taking these herbs. Also, know that these herbs don’t kill all the harmful bacteria. You may still need a doctor’s prescription for major ailments.’>

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