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Top 5 Natural Sources of Magnesium

Dietary magnesium is an important mineral for maintaining the healthy metabolism in your body. Since magnesium is the center of the chlorophyll molecule, most of the green leaves become

natural sources of dietary magnesium

. However, apart from green leaves, there are other sources of magnesium. Following are some of the top food sources of magnesium.

Top 5 food sources of dietary magnesium

  1. Green vegetables and leaves

    : As mentioned above, magnesium is the center of chlorophyll. Hence, most green leaves such as spinach, lettuces, Swiss chard and green tops to other plants (such as carrot tops) are excellent sources of magnesium. Half a cup of cooked spinach can provide you about 75 mg of magnesium.

  2. Fish

    : Apart from being rich sources in healthy fatty acids and proteins, fish such as salmon, tuna, haddock and halibut are also rich in magnesium. According to National Institutes of Health, a 3 ounce serving of halibut can provide you 90 mg of magnesium.

  3. Nuts and seed

    s: Some of the natural sources of dietary magnesium are nuts and seeds. Brazil nuts, walnuts, peanuts and almonds are certain nuts which are rich in magnesium content. Seeds such as pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds are also good sources of dietary magnesium. Apart from nuts and seeds, beans such as kidney beans, lima beans, kidney beans and lentils also provide you with magnesium.

  4. Grains

    : Quinoa is a cereal which is rich in almost all nutrients and that includes magnesium. Whole wheat, wheat germ and bran too are very good sources of magnesium.

  5. Tofu

    : Vegetarians can use tofu as a replacement for meat in soups, curries and dishes. Tofu is prepared from soy beans. Tofu is better than meat, since it contains the necessary calcium and protein needed by the body and yet lacks the harmful fats present in meat. Apart from these benefits, tofu also contains high contents of magnesium. Half a cup of tofu serving provides you about 75 mg of dietary magnesium.

These are the top 5

natural sources of dietary magnesium

. However, remember that eating vegetables and fruits also helps you gain the necessary minerals required by your body.

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