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Treat Cluster Headaches Naturally

Natural remedies for cluster headaches

mainly involve minor adjustments in lifestyle along with herbal treatments/alternative treatments. Cluster headache is called so since it appears in clusters. It doesn’t come with a warning and can be extremely painful. The attack usually starts with an itching or a watery discharge from either of the nostrils and eventually an intense pain on the side of the head, which spreads around the eye.

Following are some natural remedies for cluster headaches.

Natural cures for treating cluster headaches

  • Lifestyle changes

    : Drinking alcohol, even a small quantity of beer or wine, is one main cause for cluster headaches. Avoid alcohol and you can avoid the onset of a cluster headache. Also, avoid drinking too much coffee or tea. These may lead to dehydration. Another lifestyle change you can make is sticking to a regular sleeping schedule. Cluster headaches may occur when there is a regular change in your sleeping schedule. Avoid smoking/tobacco and inhaling toxic fumes from chemicals. Nitrates found in many kinds of foods can trigger cluster headaches in some people.

  • Herbal and alternate treatment

    : Acupuncture and acupressure can help relieve cluster headaches. Both these methodologies use applying certain pressure to particular pressure points so that the pain is relieved. Stress is another major trigger for cluster headaches. Relieve stress by practicing yoga or meditation. An unusual, yet effective way of getting relief from cluster headaches is hypnotherapy.


    , a particular fruit (also called Indian mulberry or beach mulberry) has been approved to have benefits such as relieving most types of pains. At the Laboratory of Pharmacosny in the University of Metz in France, researchers found that noni has a central analgesic effect and it is 75% as effective as Morphine Sulphate.

  • Supplements

    : People who have low melatonin levels often suffer from cluster headaches. Hence, it is a good idea for these people to consume melatonin supplements in order to prevent and treat cluster headaches. Cluster headaches for extended periods can be relieved by using cayenne pepper inside the affected nostril.


natural remedies for cluster headaches

should be sufficient for you to help treat and prevent the ailment. However, remember that if the condition persists for a long time or resistant to medical treatment, it will be a good idea to explore other existing options.

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