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8 Medical Benefits of Chillies

Little do people know about the

medical benefits of chillies

though they are aware of the intense heat of chillies. Green and red chillies are the staple ingredients in Indian and South American cuisines, and it is used worldwide in various dishes. Though chillies are hot and may be the reason for you despising spicy food, they have many health benefits. Following are some medical benefits of chillies.

Health Benefits of Chillies

The chemical capsaicin, present in chillies is mainly responsible for the heat you feel. Most of the medicinal benefits are due to this chemical compound. Following are some of them.

  • Blood circulation

    : Chilli acts as a very good booster of blood circulation. It also acts as a blood thinner, thus protecting you against strokes.

  • Blood sugar

    : According to a team of researchers at The University of Tasmania (July 2006), eating chillies helps people suffering from diabetes. According to this team, eating chillies controls the insulin levels after your meals.

  • Relaxant and Anti-inflammatory

    : Studies have shown that chillies have therapeutic effect on your body and allow you to relax. Capsaicin blocks the natural chemical Substance P, that is responsible for transmission and perception of pain. Hence, chillies can be used in relieving pains such as migraines and sinus pains. Chillies are also known to have anti-inflammatory properties, as it can inhibit the neuropeptides which are responsible for causing inflammation.

  • Pain relief

    : Chillies are known to have pain relieving properties. They are found useful in treating pain caused during child birth and dental procedures, and other types of pains. It also has an edge over medical anesthetics since it does not cause numbness and mental idleness, which is usually a side effect of administering many anesthetics.

  • Dietary fiber

    : Green chillies are rich in dietary fiber. This helps in clearing stomach congestion by eliminating waste. It can prevent constipation and help you maintain a healthy weight. They can also help in clearing nasal congestion.

  • Cancer

    : Various researches have shown that eating chillies can inhibit growth of cancer cells related to prostate cancer and stomach cancer. However, researchers also found that excessive eating of chillies increases the chances of ulcers and stomach cancers.

  • Burn fat

    : Capsaicin is a thermogenic compound. To put it more simply, it increases the metabolic rate of your body. This helps in burning fat faster.

  • Othe

    r: Chillies are also known to be very rich in Vitamins A, B6, C and K, and minerals such as copper, manganese and iron, which are absolutely necessary for the healthy functioning of your body. Chillies are also found to be good sources of antioxidants and flavanoids which prevent heart diseases due to formation of harmful free radicals.

So, the next time you are served spicy food, don’t run away from it since you now know the

medical benefits of chillies


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