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Treat Hacking Cough Naturally

There are many

natural remedies for hacking cough

. Hacking cough can occur due to several reasons ranging from viral infections to irritants in the environment. Most of the times, it fades away. However, if the problem persists for a longer time, you will have to resort to remedies. In most cases, simple natural home remedies are sufficient to soothe your throat until the problem goes away.

Following are some simple natural remedies for hacking cough.

  • Beverages

    : Drinking water is the simplest natural remedy. It soothes the throats and hydrates your body. It also helps in thinning secretions that can irritate the throat. The University of Maryland Medical Center recommends drinking fluids during illness. Any regular beverages can do, however, hot beverages have additional benefits. Herbal tea or regular tea with a hint of ginger helps in soothing the throat. Hot soup too is an excellent remedy for hacking cough. Lemon water can help in reducing the thick mucus.

  • Honey

    : Honey is found to be an excellent solution for hacking cough. You can eat honey either in its raw form or add it to any beverages. You can have one teaspoon of honey in the morning once you wake up and one teaspoon at night before going to bed. Another way of consuming honey is to mix it with hot tea, lemon juice and whiskey. Tea helps in relieving congestion, honey and lemon juice help the throat, and whiskey eases the cough.

  • Probiotics

    : These are the good bacteria found in the intestines. These bacteria can be either consumed in the form of supplements or in the form of foods such as yogurt or milk. These bacteria can help in fighting the unhealthy bacteria which cause hacking cough.

  • Essential oils

    : Several essential oils can benefit in treating hackinng cough. Some of them are peppermint and eucalyptus oil. These oils open congested airways and soothe cough. They can be either used in the form of vaporizers or in tea.

  • Change in lifestyle

    : Some times hacking cough may be due to unhealthy lifestyle and may have nothing to do with illness. Some examples are smoking and exposure to environmental toxins. If you are having hacking cough due to smoking, stop smoking. If you are exposed to environmental toxins, wear a protective mask. If you are facing problems due to GERD, avoid fatty and oily foods. Also, stop having food at least two hours before you go to bed. Have small, frequent meals.

Apart from following these

natural remedies for hacking cough

, it is advised to also consult your doctor especially if the condition is due to congestion, since it maybe due to some fluid in your lungs.

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