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Health Benefits of Mugworts

Health benefits of mugworts

are many. This herb has its origins in Europe, Africa and some parts of Asia, and is used in cuisines all over the world. It is a perennial plant belonging to the sunflower family. Various parts of this herb have found their medical benefits. Some of the benefits of this herb are found in treating menstrual complaints and stomach problems. Following is an exhaustive list of health benefits of mugworts.

Medicinal properties of mugworts

  • Emmenagogue

    : Mugwort is an effective emmenagogue. It increases blood circulation to the uterus and pelvic area thus helping in stimulating menstruation. This is the reason why this heb can be used as a remedy for painful and irregular menstruation. The herb can be used in promoting labor and helping afterbirth expulsion.

  • Pain reliever

    : This herb can help in relieving problems related to stomach and intestine such as diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, colic, flatulance and cramps. It can also help in treating problems such as headaches, muscle spasms, nose bleeds, circulatory problems, fevers, rheumatism, dermatitis, asthma and other problems.

  • Antimicrobial and sedative

    : Many herbalists also claim that this herb has antibacterial and antifungal properties. As such, this herb can be used to treat snakebites and worm infestations such as tapeworms and threadworm. It has also found its uses in sedatives for treating insomnia, neuroses, restlessness, anxiety and opium addiction. The dried herb can be used in treating cancer. Intake of this herb can also rid you from pinworms.

  • Essential oil

    : Mugwort essential oil has many benefits. It can has soothing and calming effects on the brain and nervous system. It can thus help conditions such as hysteric and epileptic attacks. The essential oil has powerful diuretic and cordial (a stimulating medicine) properties. The oil is also a powerful stimulant. Its stimulant property stimulates almost all body functions such as circulation, secretion of enzymes from endocrinal glands, nervous response, palpitations, respiration and many others.

  • Others

    : It is used to improve memory and concentration. It can be added to bath water to soothe aching muscles and joints.


Apart from the

health benefits of mugworts

, there are a few words of caution. It should be avoided during pregnancy as it stimulates menstruation thus causing miscarriages. People who are sensitive to mugwort pollen should avoid it. Mugwort also contains thujone and this is toxic. Prolonged use or overuse should be avoided.

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