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Bloodroot Health Benefits

Bloodroot health benefits

include treating skin cancer, respiratory problems and many more. Bloodroot is a medicinal herb found in North America. However, this herb is seldom recommended by medical practitioners and herbalists as it has many side effects. However, with careful administration, it can be an effective treatment for many ailments. Following are some bloodroot health benefits.

Benefits of bloodroot

  • Respiratory conditions

    : Bloodroot extract can be used in minimal dosages in treating sore throats and bronchial infections. Bloodroot tea has been used over ages to treat pneumonia, common cold, whooping cough, bleeding lungs and sinus conditions.

  • Dental care

    : Bloodroot extract has been successively used for a long time to protect gum against infections like gingivitis and fight the formation of cavities, plaque and tartar. In fact, these toothpastes have been Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved.

  • Topical Application

    : Skin conditions can be treated by topical application of bloodroot. Bloodroot pastes or bloodroot salve can be used to treat variety of skin conditions, skin tags, warts, noncancerous moles and inflammations. In fact, Dr. Andrew Weil, a naturopath says that the mole can be removed without causing scars.

  • Cardiac conditions

    : Combining it with other chemical compounds can make it effective in treating certain heart conditions as they can slow down heart rate. Patients suffering from palpitations have found it useful.

  • Skin Cancer treatment

    : Bloodroot skin can be mixed with zinc oxide to form a corrosive paste that digests the skin tissue. If not all, at least most of the cancerous skin will die. However, there is a warning given here. Dr. Stephen Barrett warns that this can cause extreme pain and may have disfiguring effects. He refers to many cases which have left patients with loss of skin, flesh and bones.

  • Other benefits

    : Bloodroot can be used to treat migraines and liver conditions like jaundice. It is useful in peripheral blood circulation. It is also found to be effective in treating fever and joint pains.

As mentioned earlier, though

bloodroot health benefits

are many, it is not usually advised by herbalists and therapists due to its possible harmful side effects from excess usage.

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