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California Poppy Health Benefits

California poppy is the state flower of California and is found along the entire western coast of the United States.

California poppy benefits

are found in treating problems related to teeth, sleep and so on. This plant belongs to the opium family and hence it also has soothing effects. Though it comes from the opium family, it is perfectly legal to cultivate and consume this herb. In fact, California celebrates a California poppy day on April 6 every year.The alkaloids present in this plant are not considered as narcotics.

Given below are other California poppy benefits.

Health Benefits of California poppy

  • Anti-depressant

    : As this plant belongs to the family of opium, it has calming, sedative and anti-depressant properties. As such, it can be used in treating problems with sleepiness and insomnia. The alkaloids present in the plant can induce sleep. In comparison to sleeping pills, it has the advantage of not causing morning grogginess. This medicinal plant can also be used to treat anxiety.

  • Tooth pain

    : California poppy can be used to treat tooth aches by applying its root extracts on the affected area. Hot tea can also be prepared and applied around the affected area. Preparing this tea is very easy. Pour hot water over dried poppy seeds and let it steep for 5-10 minutes. Then strain it as you would do with regular tea and drink it.

  • Stimulant

    : As a member of the poppy family, it produces mild effect compared to red poppy. Its benefits are found in normalizing psychological functions by stimulating neurotransmitters without hampering the central nervous system.

  • Sedative

    : Due to its sedative properties, California poppy has been used in treating patients suffering from ADD, ADHD, colics and bedwetting.

  • Antimicrobial

    : Due to its antimicrobial properties, this plant can be used to treat external cuts and wounds.

  • Antispasmodic and analgesic

    : This property of golden poppy (another name for California poppy) helps in relieving acute nerve and muscular pain. It has also been found in curing high fever, persistent spasmodic cough and rapid pulse.

Apart from

California poppy benefits

, there are a couple of things you should bear in mind. Though there are no harmful effects found, safety has not been established for women who are breast feeding or pregnancy. California poppy may also give you a false positive drug test if you appear for exams which require drug related tests.

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