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Eliminate Body Odor Naturally

Are you experiencing unpleasant body odor? Feeling embarrassed to stand before others? This can be due to the hot weather or perspiration. Perfume or deodorants may not always help. There are certain simple ways which you can follow to

eliminate body odor naturally.

Here are the ways to

eliminate body odor naturally.

  • Use natural deodorant

    – Take some alcohol on to a cotton pad and keep in the armpits for sometime. This helps in reducing the bad odor that is caused by bacteria. You can even use tea tree oil instead of alcohol. This moreover keeps your armpits dry, therefore avoiding smell and bacteria.

  • Eat green leafy vegetables

    – Eat more amounts of green leaves such as spinach in your daily diet. The rich chlorophyll in these vegetables gives an effect of natural deodorant. So, don’t be lazy to have green leafy vegetables.

  • Choose clothes made from natural fibers

    – Clothes made from natural fibers such as cotton help your skin to breathe in well, and can thus avoid body odor. You should avoid wearing clothes of synthetic materials like lycra or nylon, as these cannot absorb sweat and can cause body odor.

  • Avoid exposure to sun

    – When you get exposed to hot sun, the body turns more hot and sweaty. This is termed as “the smell of the sun”, where in bad aroma starts emanating from the body.

  • Use antiperspirants at correct time

    – You can apply antiperspirants in the armpits when they are slightly wet and damp, like after bath or a shower. The wet skin absorbs the active ingredient more quickly.

  • Sleep early

    – Make a habit of sleeping early as the body gets enough time to repair its cells and tissues. The earlier you sleep, the more your body can repair itself both from the inside and outside. This can also help your body in not perspiring.

  • Take bath twice

    – Soon after you are done with the daily activities, take a bath and then go to sleep. This prevents the bacteria from spreading. Wear fresh clothes and go to bed.

These are some of the simple ways to

eliminate body odor naturally.

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