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Natural Ways to Lighten Hair

Lightening the hair is somewhat tricky and most often it can turn into a disaster. Using

natural ways to lighten hair

is a wise way. The following article gives out a few natural ingredients and their preparation methods for lightening the hair.
Natural Ways to Lighten Hair

Here are the natural ways to lighten hair:


– Rhubarb root mixed with lemon, pineapple or grapefruit extracts creates an effective lightening effect on brunettes and blondes.

Method for lightening the hair with rhubarb

  • Mix ¾ oz of powdered rhubarb with 4 cups of water. Boil this mixture in a pot for an hour.
  • Allow the mixture to cool and strain the tea.
  • You can use this strained tea to wash your hair after shampooing and conditioning the hair. Pour the same liquid again and again on the hair by keeping head over the bathtub.
  • It gives bright highlights to your hair.


– Natural hydrogen peroxide is found in honey which plays an effective role in lightening the hair.

Method for lightening the hair with honey:

  • Add ¾ cup of honey to 1½ cups of hair conditioner (which you use regularly).
  • Apply this to the damp hair and cover the hair using a plastic cap.
  • Leave it as such for 8 hours and then wash the hair.


– This is also a great natural way to brighten the blonde hair which is dull. Rinsing the hair with chamomile tea many times a week can brighten the locks.

Method for lightening the hair with chamomile:

  • Add ½ cup of chamomile flowers to 6 cups of boiling water and keep it to boil for about half an hour.
  • Allow the tea to cool and strain it.
  • Wash the towel dried hair with this strained liquid. Keep the head over a bathtub so that it catches the liquid that overflows from the hair. Use the same liquid again and again to rinse the hair.
  • Leave the hair as such for half an hour and then wash the hair with clean water.

Natural Ways to Lighten Hair.


– This is another great way which works effectively to lighten the hair. You should use fresh lemon juice for good results.

Method for lightening the hair with lemon:

  • Obtain fresh lemon juice and dilute it with water in 3:1 ratio. (3 parts lemon juice and 1 part water). Pour it in a spray bottle and then spray on to your hair. Sit under the sun as this remedy needs heat.
  • Condition your hair after applying lemon juice. It is very drying on hair and lightens the hair perfectly.
  • You can even add one tablespoon of olive oil to lemon water to fight away the drying effects of lemon juice on the hair.

These are the best

natural ways to lighten hair.

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