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Natural Cures For Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

One of the downhearted results of pregnancy is development of stretch marks. A rapid weight gain usually causes stretch marks since there will be sudden accumulation of muscle mass in the body. Stretch marks occur wherever the stretching of skin takes place and the most prone areas are stomach, belly and thighs. Heredity is the major cause for one to get annoying stretch marks. Here are the

natural cures for stretch marks during pregnancy,

which can help in preventing and lessening their appearance.
Natural Cures For Stretch Marks During Pregnancy
Given below are a few

natural cures for stretch marks during pregnancy:

  • Exercise

    – Exercise helps in getting rid of stretch marks. It tones the muscles therefore, making your skin firm and prevents stretch marks.

  • Good diet

    – Eating diet rich in proteins, vitamins C and E promotes tissue growth and therefore reduces stretch marks.

  • Massage

    – Massaging your body using vitamin E oil or olive oil helps in getting rid of stretch marks that are formed during pregnancy.

  • Aromatherapy

    – Mix 7 drops of lavender essential oil with 5 drops of chamomile oil. Add this mixture to one ounce of carrier oil like sweet almond, avocado or jojoba oils. Now apply this mixture to stretch marks and massage the area.

  • Cocoa butter

    – Take some amount of cocoa butter and massage it on the stretch marks. This is very effective in reducing stretch marks.

Here is a

good recipe made from natural ingredients for stretch marks

Take a quarter cup of aloe vera gel, half cup of olive oil, 4 capsules of vitamin A and 6 capsules of vitamin E . Mix all these ingredients and store the mixture in a jar. Take some oil and apply to the places where stretch marks appear often, such as abdomen, thighs, hips and breasts. Doing this regularly helps in preventing the stretch marks.

These are some of the effective

natural cures for stretch marks during pregnancy

. Try them to get rid of stretch marks effectively.

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