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The Use of Reflexology to Ease Migraine Headaches

Millions of people experience migraine headaches and research studies reveal that from the past two decades, the cases of migraine headaches are increasing. Reflexology is an alternative treatment method to bring cure and prevention of migraines. The following article discusses

the use of reflexology to ease migraine headaches.

Managing Migraine Headaches

People suffering from migraines need a safe and workable method for relief. Though reflexology cannot be the cure for severe and throbbing headaches, it can for sure help to manage the pain naturally.
The Use of Reflexology to Ease Migraine Headaches

How will reflexology help to prevent headaches?

Reflexology uses pressure on meridian points present on the hands and feet to cause a normalizing and beneficial reaction by unblocking the free flow energy within the body. Though this form of treatment cannot offer a permanent cure, it can offer relaxation, reduce pain and ease anxiety.

Reflexology manages the psychological well-being, therefore providing a calming effect on the body to reduce stress and finally migraines.

This also provides other benefits like improved circulation, endorphin release and balanced glandular function along with preventing migraine attacks.

You need to seek the help of a professional reflexologist for overall well being particularly when used along with nutritional therapy and healthy diet.
The Use of Reflexology to Ease Migraine Headaches

How reflexology helps to manage headaches?

Reflexology helps to bring relief from migraines. You need to be patient as this therapy takes time. While applying pressure on the meridian points, press on the point for about 10 to 15 seconds at a time and repeat this for three times. Use nearly 15 pounds of pressure. The reflex point is located beneath the big toe. If you are not able to find the point, massage the entire toe.

Another reflexology method is to massage the hand. Open the palm and let it face down. Massage the area in between the forefinger and thumb. Continue until the pain subsides. Even massage the area surrounding the ear and temples. Try to pull the ear lobes for some time.

Is reflexology helpful for relief?

Reflexology treatments help to prevent headaches and over all well-being. Learning the techniques can help you in controlling the situation to some extent. You need to even take some other measures like eating magnesium-rich foods, foods abundant in essential fatty acids and vitamin C. Always seek a help from a physician before

the use of reflexology to ease migraine headaches.

Though there are no risks involved, it is better to be on safe side and discuss with the physician.

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  1. A fantastic therapy!Reflexology I think can ease a migraine pain very much.So thanks for suggesting this treatment.

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