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Common Acupressure Points

Acupressure is a technique in which some specific points in the body are manipulated to regulate the flow of energy in the body. This technique will give a positive effect on the mind and the body. The points that are manipulated are called acupressure points, pressure points or acupoints. The following article gives out the

common acupressure points

which may help you in knowing when and where to apply. Pressure can be applied using fingernail for about half a minute. If pressure needs to be applied for several times in succession, complete one side and then switch to the other side of the body.

Here is the list of

common acupressure points:




Stomach 36 Tones the digestive system and strengthens overall well-being Stomach ache, indigestion, constipation, vomiting, chronic runny nose, diarrhea and colic
Spleen 10 Detoxifies the blood Vaginitis, boils, poison ivy, impetigo, herpes and acne
Spleen 6 Reduces cramping of uterus Menstrual cramps
Points along either side of the spine Relaxes nervous system, improves circulation, relaxes the spine and balances the respiratory system Insomnia, nervousness, menstrual cramps, common cold, colic and anxiety
Pericardium 6 Relieves nausea and relaxes the chest Vomiting, stomach ache, sleeplessness, croup, motion sickness and asthma
Neck and shoulder release Relaxes the neck and shoulder muscles and even relaxes the body Weight related problems and headache
Liver 7 Moistens the throat and clears the lungs Sore throat, common cold and asthma
Liver 3 Calms the nervous system, relaxes muscle cramps and spasms Asthma, headache, eye pain, teething and menstrual cramps
Large intestine 20 Reduces sinus congestion Sinusitis and hay fever
Large intestine 11 Reduces allergic reactions and relieves itching Constipation, hay fever and chicken pox

Large intestine 4

Enables free flow of energy in large intestine, clears heat, relieves congestion and headaches Fever, sore throat, toothache, headache, common cold, menstrual cramps and acne
Kidney 7 Strengthens the kidneys and bladder Bedwetting
Kidney 3 Improves the circulation to reproductive organs and stregthens the kidneys and bladder Vaginitis, urinary tract infection and bedwetting
Four gates Weight problems, sleeplessness, posion ivy, fever, pain, hyperactivity, herpes, hay fever, croup, chicken pox and motion sickness Urinary tract infection
Bladder 60 Improves blood circulation to reproductive organs and urinary tract Urinary tract infection
Bladder 28 Master point for the bladder Urinary tract infection
Bladder 23 Increases blood circulation to reproductive organs and urinary tract Lower back pain, urinary tract infection and vaginitis

The above are the

common acupressure points.

There will be minimal chances of risks associated with acupressure. Especially during pregnancy, you should not use large intestine 4 and spleen 6 and have to avoid the abdominal area completely.

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