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Natural Treatments To Fight Corns

Corns are thick, hardened layers of skin found over the joints of the toes and soles of the feet. They are very tender to touch and usually result form wearing tightly fitting shoes. Also standing for a longer time period, mechanic traumas and irritations also lead to corns. There are ways to get rid of this pesky corns which irritate and trouble us. Here are the

natural treatments to fight corns.

Here are the

natural treatments to fight corns.

  • Put yarrow plant in boiling water for a couple of minutes. Allow the water to cool and wrap the plant in a gauze. Now apply the cloth on the corns.
  • You can apply boiled or freshly picked wormwood leaves over the corns. You can even make wormwood powder, mix it with lemon oil and apply on the corns.
  • Grate spring onion leaves and apply the mixture over the corns. Allow this to act on the corns overnight. This is a very effective way to treat corns.
  • Wash the corn with hot water and apply a piece of propolis on it. Allow it to act for nearly 3 days.
  • Resin obtained from coniferous trees is also very effective in treating corns. Soak the corns in hot water, apply extracted resin on the corns for about 3 consecutive days, wrap a band aid around the area and replace it for every 12 hours.
  • Put onion peel in vinegar and allow it to macerate for about 2 weeks. Apply a layer of peel of thickness 2 mm and wrap a cloth around it overnight. Repeat this procedure often.
  • Crush garlic cloves and make a paste with lemon zest. Apply this paste over the corns for a week. This is also very effective in treating the corns.
  • Soak a piece of cloth in vinegar and tie it to the area affected with corns. Leave it for the whole day and the corn will come out by its own with the root.
  • Applying Castor oil is also very effective remedy to fight corns.
  • Obtain fresh raw papaya juice and apply it to the corn three times a day.
  • Urginea indica, known as Indian squill is helpful in treating corns. Roast the bulb of this herb, apply over the corn and cover it with bandage. Leave it overnight and remove the following morning.
  • Obtain juice from green figs and applying this over the corns helps in softening them. Apply twice or thrice a day and this is very effective remedy.

The above mentioned are the best

natural treatments to fight corns.

Try them when you feel the pain and discomfort with corns.

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