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Aromatherapy For Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue is a syndrome characterized by tenacious tiredness. Along with the tiredness, it produces lot many symptoms like headache, extreme exhaustion, poor memory and concentration, aches in legs and muscles, hypersomnia, sore throat, tender lymph glands and a feeling of fever. Essential oils are considered to be the effective treatments for chronic fatigue syndrome. Let us know about the use of essential oils in aromatherapy for chronic fatigue .

Here is the list of essential oils and their benefits that can be used in aromatherapy for chronic fatigue:

  • Citrus limonum – Lemon

    This essential oil produces a refreshing and uplifting effect on the mind. The sharp and fresh aroma of citrus is excellent for combating fatigue and clearing the mind as it refreshes, revitalizes and strengthens the nervous system. It improves the focus of consciousness and uplifts the intellect of an individual while dispersed with heavy thoughts of worry.

    Lemon essential oil also stimulates the immune system and improves the ability to stimulate white blood cells. It not only fortifies and clarifies the mind, but also fortifies and clarifies the body. This is one of the best remedies for chronic fatigue.

  • Citrus Sinesis – Orange

    This also has similar properties to lemon. This essential oil is considered in aromatherapy as oil of positivity and happiness as it has the ability of harmonizing feelings. It can clear the stagnation and blockages, therefore helping in alleviating tension and stress. The cheerful nature of orange oil gives joy and warmth, making it a perfect cure for chronic fatigue.

    Orange essential oil improves the immune system and also improves the absorption capacity of vitamin C. When combined with lemon oil, it promotes inner joy and boosts mental clarity.

  • Rosmarinus officinalis – Rosemary

    This oil has a stimulating effect on central nervous system. It is a brain stimulant which is very effective for lethargy, depression and fatigue. This is an age old remedy for gloom and apathy. It is a cheerful oil which helps in boosting morale, confidence, clarity and clear thought.

    Rosemary essential oil has invigorating, uplifting and strengthening properties and is great for exhaustion. It works in harmony with all the oils that can treat chronic fatigue.

  • Ocimum basilicum – Basil

    This oil has got similar properties to rosemary. It is an effective stimulant for mind and body that helps in inducing clarity and mental strength. It helps in relieving nervous exhaustion, intellectual fatigue and headaches caused by shoulder and neck tension.

    Basil essential oil has got uplifting and warming properties and is perfect for anyone with mental or physical exhaustion. The spicy and sweet aroma of basil oil induces a clear and calm head.

  • Pelargonium graveolens – Geranium

    This oil helps in aromatherapy for chronic fatigue beacuse of its regulating effect on nervous system. It helps in relieving nervous tension, fatigue, depression and anxiety.

    Geranium essential oil has got strengthening and calming properties and is excellent for exhausted and overworked people. It nourishes the mind and the body. It can be used in combination with lavender oil to ease frustration, calm agitation and relax the mind.

  • Lavandula officinalis – Lavender

  • This oil is relaxing and soothing. It provides a harmonizing effect on nervous system and has the ability to relieve muscular pains and aches. This is an excellent oil for tension and stress. It calms the mind and can uplift the spirit.

    Lavender essential oil helps in maintaining emotional and mental equilibrium. It calms the emotions and uplifts the mind in case of depression. It is also great for anxiety and mental stress.

These are the most beneficial essential oils that can be used in aromatherapy for chronic fatigue. The healing properties mainly lie in the great aroma of these essential oils.

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