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Do You Know Health Benefits of Potassium?

We all know that minerals and nutrients are healthy and our body needs them. One of the most important nutrients is potassium. Every doctor will tell you that you should add potassium to your diet and you have to eat food rich in this nutrient. But have you ever thought what health benefits of potassium are?

    The first thing you should be aware, is why potassium is so important. According to scientist, this nutrient should play significant role in our diet. Why?

  • Scientists have proven that 14 % of people who visit physician for any reason have low level of serum potassium. What is more, approximately one in five persons admitted to hospital suffers from potassium deficiency.
  • Low level of potassium has been linked to many common diseases and disorders, like stroke, hypertension, diabetes and heart disease.
  • This nutrient is one of the five most commonly prescribed supplements for diabetics and people with high blood pressure and congestive heart failure.
    As you can see, potassium deficiency is linked to health disorders. In fact, this nutrient affects our whole body. Health benefits of potassium include:

  • Our brain
    Potassium is helpful for relieving headache inflicting allergies. This nutrient also helps carry oxygen to the brain. What is more, potassium plays a role in supplying the neurotransmitters with the spark in the brain to send signals to our nerves. This is why it is so important to protect our brain to keep healthy nerve function.
  • Low blood sugar
    Low level of potassium in your body causes a drop in blood sugar level. What you have to know is that decrease in blood sugar level causes weakness, sweating, trembling, nervousness and headache. Potassium chloride and sodium are good solution for such a situation.
  • Our kidneys
    Add potassium to your diet and prevent kidney stones from developing in the kidney. This nutrient acts as an agent to keep calcium from forming stones (kidney stones are formulated by calcium). However you should consult your doctor to get recommendations about dosage.
  • Strong bones and muscles
    You need potassium to build strong muscles and bones. It is important especially during pregnancy and adolescence when they are developing. Properly concentration of this nutrient is required for relaxation and regular contraction of the muscle. Potassium deficiency may lead to muscle cramps. Intake of banana everyday can prevent this problem (banana is rich in this nutrient). Also potassium can prevent bone loss from osteoporosis.
  • Neural pathways
    Potassium will help you to keep neural pathways healthy and clear. Low level of this nutrient can lead to hallucination, confusion, psychosis and depression. Also mild irritability, “blah feeling” and general lack of energy might be a result of potassium deficiency.
  • Water balance
    If you want to maintain a water balance in your body, you should eat food rich in potassium. Different types of cells in your body need proper water balance just for functioning – potassium aids these cells in regulating water balance.
  • Electrolyte
    Potassium is a key electrolyte. Remember that you need to keep the balance between potassium and sodium – to regulate heartbeat and blood pressure. If there is potassium deficiency and too much of sodium, you can expect high blood pressure.
  • Metabolism
    Potassium assists in metabolic process of different nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Also this nutrient is helpful to make proteins from amino acids and turn glucose into glycogen.
  • Stress and anxiety
    This nutrient is an excellent cure for people suffering from mental problems like stress and anxiety. Potassium ensures efficient mental performance of your body.

If you want to protect your body you have to remember about diet based on foods rich in nutrients and minerals. Potassium is not an exception. Potassium affect on your overall health. This is why you must not allow occurring deficiency of this nutrient. Remember about health benefits of potassium, change your food habits and make your life healthier!

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